Quality of Life: Acknowledgement of Other People’s Best Efforts

Why do you want to give acknowledgement that the best efforts of other people are good enough for you? In your relationships with others, people always remember how you make them feel. Do you like it when you build self esteem? I think we all want a healthy self esteem. We do this by using encouragement, generosity, respect, optimism and genuine love. By giving others the benefit of the doubt, you remember that behavior is the type you’d like to receive from others for you, too.


Ever have an off day where you acted impatient, disrespectful, self-absorbed? Let’s face it. We ALL have acted that way. Those will be the days you want those important to you to give YOU the benefit of the doubt, too.


You live an improved quality of life in your relationships by using genuine love, respect and flexibility especially during times you’d rather criticize. Instead of reacting without thinking before you speak, respond. When we respond, we think about what we’re going to say before actually saying it. You’ll be happy if you do.


This exercise might help you find a way to focus on the acknowledgement other people’s best efforts during challenging times:


  • How do you feel about acknowledging the best efforts of others as valuable especially during challenging life situations? Check your feelings.
  • Close your eyes and relax.
  • Focus on the current situation. If you believe the other person’s current efforts are worthless, change that belief to experience greater love. Look for SOMETHING intended by him or her as well meaning. By looking for the good, you can most likely find SOMETHING good. Respond instead of react. Remember once you say or do something, you can’t undo it. It’s best to think about it first so you don’t HAVE to undo it.
  • Imagine you can see a gauge in your imagination to measure how strongly you feel your friends’ actions or suggestions are or are not valuable during any specific life situation. Ask yourself, “From 0-10, with “zero” meaning I consider other’s contributions are of little to no value and 10 being the most valuable, how strongly do I believe I can acknowledge something valuable about this other person’s efforts right now?”
  • Listen to your intuition prompting you to think and act in respectful, loving, patient ways about the other person’s behavior. You will probably hear specific suggestions about loving thoughts to think and respectful things to do. When you hear your intuition prompting you, act as requested. Your genuinely loving intuition will share simple yet oftentimes profoundly effective ideas. Just go for the harmony!