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Feeling Peace Within

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If you’re looking for natural stress relief while caregiving, feeling peace within is a good start. But many people don’t know how to feel peace within. Inner peace seems to just be out of their reach. The main strategy to feeling peace within is to focus and choose to think peaceful thoughts.


Our Competitive Thinking Habit

Look at the world around you. It seems that when you watch the TV news, weather, sports, advertisements, listen to friends, we do a lot of competitive thinking. We disagree or argue hoping to “win” our position in a conversation. But that is just a human’s competitive thinking habit. An easy way to feel peace within is to stop trying to compete for peace. There is an unlimited rather than a limited supply of it. You create it from within your own mind.


Peace is a Frequency You Tune In To

We all like certain kinds of music. When we want to listen to that music, we turn on the radio and “tune in” to the certain station that broadcasts our favorite music. That being said, when it comes to wanting to hear peace, you “tune in” to those types of thoughts. Like tuning in to your favorite or preferred radio station, when you create inner peace, you choose it.


Peaceful thoughts are based in focusing on joyfulness, forgiving, trusting, believing and unconditionally loving. When somebody is requesting that you give him or her your undivided attention, and the timing is inconvenient for you, you may lose your temper. Your mind might chatter that it’s an inconvenient time for you to give attention to that person at the moment.


If standing your ground about setting a time boundary for yourself is then followed by thoughts of guilt, shame or self-denial, you are restricting, oppressing or suppressing your feelings. Rarely do any of these types of thoughts result in feeling inner peace.


So, what kind of time requests are you fulfilling for others? Are you inadvertently doing it at your expense?


Have you respected yourself as you give that time of yourself? People can request time and attention from you using a demanding voice tone. However, most of the time, they are all requests rather than demands you must obey for your time.


So, in your heart, are you feeling peace? If not, think about how you can respect yourself and require others to respect you, too. As you delegate responsibilities back to people who may want you to believe you must stop your life and give them your attention, think about how you can respond in a way that feels peaceful.


As always, never allow anyone to physically be violent with you if you choose to take time for yourself. You are deserving and worthy of having peace in your life. By consistently respecting yourself and requiring others to respect you, that peace can be yours.


What are your thoughts on feeling peace within? I’d love to hear what you have to so. Please share your ideas with me by email at [email protected]. Peace I leave with you.