Believe and Care in What You Do

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Do you believe and care in what you do? If you do, you can easily use your mind power to act as your authentic self. Conversely, when you have doubts and mistrust about your relationships and life activities, you delay feeling the most satisfied and fulfilled in life.


People who believe in what they are doing and care about it are very focused on what they are doing. When you care about what you do, you can develop a deep sense of authenticity about yourself and your relationships.


Now sometimes we can take believing in what they are doing and caring to an extreme. This is called obsessing. Obsessing is often self-limiting and self-sabotaging. So you know the difference between finding the balance in this mindset and behavior, here’s an example.



People who hold on to anger may also be obsessing. They may be suppressing, oppressing and restricting their true feelings about some event or relationship where they feel or felt wronged. When they focus on hiding feelings instead of confronting and resolving long held anger, that energy has to go somewhere in the physical body. In extreme cases, it can show up as disease in the body.


Angrily obsessing about things is often based in fear. If you feel angry and are working to release that stuck energy, keep focusing on the progress you are making toward changing your mindset and your wellness. Yes, I know it can be discouraging when it seems like you can’t just let that anger go and move on with your life. That’s why people get coaches for additional training.


The really great thing about opportunities to naturally be well is that it all begins with changing your thoughts. Changing your thoughts is something a life coach can help you learn to do.


Here’s a simple exercise that helps you focus on something uplifting instead of disappointing. Once you let go of disappointments, you can begin to think and act more loving toward yourself and others. When we treat ourselves and others with genuine love, we can start to let go of obsessive anger.


Mental Exercise To Release Anger

Follow this 10 step exercise to release anger. It can help you stop obsessively feeling angry about things you probably can’t change anyway.


  1. Close your eyes and relax in an undisturbed place where there will be no distractions.
  2. Allow your shoulders to relax as you inhale a deep, relaxing breath.
  3. Bring up a memory where you feel a little bit angry. (Do not make this memory something that enrages you!)
  4. Imagine the anger you feel as if it is a cloud. See the cloud with the word “anger” written on it.
  5. On a scale from 0 to 10, with 0 being completely happy with life and 10 feeling the angriest you could ever feel, measure the number your anger is currently on. You are going to mentally imagine the number moving down until you get it to move down to zero.
  6. Picture the anger cloud as being a certain color. What color does the anger cloud start out to be?
  7. Envision having a pitcher full of a color that lightens up the anger color. Pour that color into the cloud. It may be the same or a different color from the cloud. As you pour in this color, notice the cloud change color. See the word “anger” in the cloud transforming out of the word “anger” into the word “happy.”   The letters get dimmer and change as you work through this imagery exercise.
  8. Also, allow your body to feel more and more relaxed as you keep pouring in the color that lightens up the anger cloud and color.
  9. Your goal is to keep pouring different colors into the cloud until the cloud is clear, the cloud is no longer an anger cloud but instead a happy cloud, the number is zero on your measurement scale and you feel very relaxed. When the cloud is clear, allow the anger to be cleared, too. At the end of this exercise, allow yourself to feel as light as a cloud, free of any angry feelings.
  10. At the end of the exercise, open your eyes and allow yourself to feel happy, alert and renewed!


I’d love to know how well this mental exercise helped you naturally dissolve your anger. Please share your results with me at [email protected]!