Dissolving Vulnerability

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Dissolving Vulnerability

by Susan Fox, CH, AA

“We are at our most powerful the moment we no longer need to be powerful.”

– Eric Michae’el Leventhal


Are you willing to be your most authentic self? If so, you may be risking people looking at you like you are from another planet. Being your real self means you accept you may have vulnerabilities but the opinion of others is less important than the opinion you have of yourself.

Developing soul skills, you improve the quality of your life because that’s simply your personal desire. By thinking differently from the masses, having faith in yourself and expressing gratitude for the opportunity to be the real you, life feels purposeful.

Those who desire to be spiritually happy regularly use the mind/brain/body/spirit connection to grow from the soul. Using this Divine tool of beingness makes possible intense focus on developing your inner skills.

Developing soul skills, you spiritually progress and feel peaceful as a human. Feeling inner peace and living from that realm of existence, you become a little bit of heaven on earth.

When you no longer fear peer pressure, you are at your most powerful. The question is, are you willing to invest the time and energy in developing your soul skills? If you are, you can live a richer, more satisfying life.

Remember, you do not have to develop your souls skills feeling alone. Plenty of people exist who focus on living a purposeful life from the heart rather than a worldly, materialistic way. When you seek these people out and develop relationships with them, you see your choice to live purposely does already come with like-minded others.

Soul Skills Modeling Helps Others

What behavior are you modeling to your partner, your children, your grandchildren, your friends, or coworkers? Are you focused on the value of living by self-respect or do you model being habitually driven by a fear-based social agenda?

Self-respect is an example of a soul skill. When you know how to live self-reliantly from an inner guide, you live a more meaningful life.

Mentally Healthy, Meaningful, Long Term Relationships

Many people, uncertain of what a mentally healthy relationship really is, stay in a fear-based mentally unhealthy relationship. When they do, they may be unaware of how to set and commit to living respectful, self-set boundaries that genuinely improve life quality. When you demand respect of yourself and others, you come from a point of empowerment. Feeling empowered, you live a very satisfying life.

When people stay in abusive relationships, they are stuck in a fear-based world. A fear-based world is often an unsound soul skill building environment. If you feel afraid of living, think about how that attitude is being conveyed to your children and others in your sphere of influence?   Are you really helping yourself and others living in fear? The choice is yours.

Is living under social peer pressure really a way to be the authentic you? If you need help understanding the value of developing soul skills, please email me and we’ll chat about it.

What Are Soul Skills And How Do They Create Sincere Happiness?

When you act from your soul, you genuinely improve the quality of life. You feel happy with yourself because you choose to do what you know is eternally right for you. But in our earth world, society might try to judge or criticize you for your actions. Analyzing what is more important, living according to peer pressure or according to Divine guidance, which seems right for you?

Treating with indifference the social opinions that oppose your soul’s prompting for spiritual growth helps you dissolve being vulnerable. When you no longer care to compete with the opinions of others and instead choose to act from the heart, the opinions of others no longer have power over you. You see you no longer need to be powerful around others who never really agreed with your genuinely respectful life standards in the first place.

For example, when our son Jason no longer could get out of bed due to his deteriorating health, my husband and I debated about how we could best provide comfort for him. We contemplated whether we should go into debt to buy a VCR. Back in 1988, VCRs cost several hundred dollars. That was money we could spend on something else.

But then we thought from our soul instead of our heads. We didn’t care about going into debt. Jason was dying and we wanted to improve the quality of his life. By agreeing that temporarily creating a bill to buy a VCR was irrelevant to doing something to genuinely improve Jason’s life quality, we stopped being vulnerable to the world’s opinion about what was practical.

Making our own decision to do what improved Jason’s life quality, we ignored the opinion of those who said we might regret creating a debt because Jason would soon be gone. By dissolving a worldly, social agenda vulnerability, we did something Jason really enjoyed. We gave him an entertaining gift that did, for a short time, provide comfort for him while he was transitioning into his new home. And knowing that we showed we cared for Jason was more important than anything else.

Be Brave And Bold Acting From Your Heart

It takes a lot of courage to go against what may be socially promoted as accepted and “right.” Often, you will be right using your intuition to follow Divine guidance. After all, the Divine provides all the resources necessary to successfully think and act from the spirit rather than from the head. No matter what your situation, by thinking from your soul, instead of your head, your really do improve the quality of your life.

Have an empowerment story you’d like to share? Please send me an email about how you worked through your vulnerability. It helps us all see that we really are at our most powerful when we respect ourselves even at the risk of social disapproval. In the US and Canada give me a call at (740) 531-0400. Or email me at [email protected]!