Natural Pain Relief Using Hypnosis

Natural Pain Relief

Natural pain relief comes by using many holistic health methods.  For those who are in pain, I offer this copy of a recent article I wrote for the National Guild of Hypnotist’s professional journal, The Journal of Hypnotism.  As a regular columnist, I offer ideas hypnotists can use to help their clients. My column is called Hypnosis Scripting.  If you are interested in more of my column articles, I recommend that you contact the NGH and become a member.  Or, if you need a hypnosis script written for a particular issue, please contact me.

Natural Pain Relief Article in The Journal Of Hypnotism

The following two pages contain ideas about scripting the empowered mind to be relieved of pain, tension and discomfort.  If you are a hypnotist, nurse or other holistic health provider who knows how to use hypnosis, please read through this article.  If you need help using the content, please email me at [email protected]

Cleveland #1 in Opioid Addiction

I live in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio.  Sadly, recently the media published about all the pain in the Cleveland area causing people to use opiates to escape their pain.  Of course the pain I’m referring to is mental unhappiness.

Read article here about Ohio’s opiate crisis.

There is a better way to live than to believe media reports based in desperation of our world.  For one thing, stop listening to the TV, radio, and newscasts that keep you upset.  Stop reading magazines that write about what’s going wrong in our life and that there are no solutions to stopping it.  These things do nothing to uplift the mind. Instead, think for yourself.  Meditate on what’s going right in your life.  Don’t allow yourself to be isolated.  That keeps you feeling desperate, lonely and unsafe.

A natural way to focus on what’s possible and good is by using hypnosis.  That’s the main reason I wrote this article.  Are you feeling desperate?  Don’t know how to bring peace into your mind?  Consider hiring a hypnosis professional to coach you on how to use the Law of Attraction to attract more of the unlimited good in the world into your life.  He or she can help you focus more on what’s going right in your world instead of on what’s going wrong.

By empowering your mind to imagine possibilities and live according to them, uplifted life becomes the light at the end of the tunnel.  All of us have gone through challenges.  It is by staying focused on finding a way to move forward that the light becomes brighter.

It is my hope that you will come to ask a hypnotist to help you think in empowering instead of discouraging ways.  This can help you be who you really want to be in a more encouraging way.

Natural Pain Relief Article Page 1

Natural Pain Relief Article page 2

Natural Pain Relief Script

By Susan Fox, CH, AA

Pain…we’ve all experienced it.  For those who are experiencing it now, here is a script to help you release the CAUSE of the TENSION of pain you are currently experiencing somewhere in your physical body at this moment.  Once the CAUSE of the pain tension is gone, the pain has no place to attach or vibrate in the body.  Thus, you’ve changed your pain story to a different story.

So that this script works well for you and/or your clients, ask them to allow and give permission to transform your temporary PAIN story back into one of loving prosperity.  This is of course up to the main character in this life adventure, YOU.

Now, some ground rules before you change your dramatic theater piece …

Imagine that each place, every cellular memory location in your body, has a beginning, a middle and an end to it.  That makes pain mortal instead of immortal.   If pain is mortal, it is also temporary.  That is good news because we can always change our thoughts and where we send our mind in this “now” moment.

That also means you are an author of your creative story.  As the story’s author, you can change ANY detail you desire to make the story more intriguing, entertaining or interesting.  Why is your desire to be the master over each story detail?  Because you can sculpt a desired outcome that suits you.

When you realize only while you are in your physical body CAN you feel pain, by “morphing” the beginning, middle and end of a pain story into something you prefer, say a color or a new thought like harmony, instead of thoughts based in tension, harmony becomes your companion.  And, the causes of tension, (your tension thoughts) are now transformed into harmony thoughts. So, our goal then, is to spend time with the companion harmony instead of tension.

When you think of, talk about or imagine the characteristics of your companion harmony, only talk about what you LOVE about harmony.  This makes no room available in your subconscious mind for tension but allows plenty of room for harmony.


Each Place You Feel Tension in Your Body is a Specific Location

If you would choose to follow my thought train here, imagine that each place you might feel tension, stress or pain in your physical body has a location.  As you focus in on each location, invite ONLY harmony into that location by speaking the LANGUAGE of harmony.

And nothing is lost in the mind of your body’s cells and their cellular memory.  So harmony has been there all along.  You’ve just been talking ONLY to the causes of discomfort and it’s various levels.

We know that each body cell has cellular memory because people naturally heal.  This is true because energy, which connects everything in the universe with everything in all of existence, can never be created or destroyed.  And Divine energy is ALWAYS well.  So, by connecting with the Divine energy that is the life force in each cell, the thoughts causing discomfort, tension and pain can all be transformed back into their Divine design…completely prosperity!

Temporary…pain…mortal…transformable…changeable…flexible…by changing thoughts.  Remember this key.  The causes of ALL tension begin in THOUGHT!

Next, tension that accompanies pain, is only a HUMAN story rather than a Divine story.  Each of us are Divine Spiritual Beings having a human experience.  Kind of like going on a camping trip.  Once the trip is over, you get back to living a civilized life though you have a memory of the camping trip.

It is by thinking thoughts, believing IN (to the subconscious mind through first the conscious mind) mind images, hearing and trusting sounds in the form of scripting in your mind, allowing yourself to use your sensory abilities of every type, etc., that YOU create the ILLUSION of pain.  Remember, pain is ONLY mortal, never IMMORTAL.  For more on another highly effective pain management technique called the Control Panel Technique, please visit the marketplace on my website for an instant download of the book.  And, I’d also check with the Guild for my book.

So, what you can do is change the story in your tension, pain or discomfort script to release the mortality of the tension, stress and discomfort causing the pain.  This way, when you ONLY focus on your Divine vibration, the pain disappears.  This can be effectively used with cancer clients, too.

Guide them to imagining returning to their immortal, infinitely well self.  If a distracting thought of tension, stress or discomfort comes into the conscious mind, ask the client to just use the attached script.

Remember, people suffering in unwellness must CHOOSE to release the bits and pieces of disharmonious thoughts CAUSING the tension, stress and discomfort before he or she can release the ILLUSION of pain.

The easiest way to do this is by using a mix of affirmations AND afformations.  Please go back and read my past column articles (September 2015) about afformations.  It is a way to ONLY ask questions and use your upper left brain to act as a search engine and make the questions true.

By pre-assuming that you live a pain free life as the Divine Spiritual Being that you are, you would ONLY want to pass on a pain free life to the human version of you, correct?  And that’s what we do instead of focusing on the FEELING of tension in the body.  We instead use afformations and stop focusing on the cause of tension (which are our own thoughts) and the resultant pain in the body.  If you have more questions about how to do this, please email me at [email protected]

Here are some general afformations, mixed in with affirmations, to use for natural pain relief.  Say them as appropriate, as many times a day as you desire.  Only say the ones you notice transform you into the Divine PAIN FREE you that you REALLY are.

The Script

So let’s start the scripted story.  Direct your brain to focus on the REAL you’s (Divine You) desire to live pain free in the human experience.  Start telling yourself the story by inhaling deeply and then allowing your body to relax into the comfortable chair or couch or recliner in which you are sitting.  Remember to only use this script in a place physically safe and distraction free for you.  Then, tell yourself these story ideas…

Why do I LOVE being in a body that feels so completely relaxed and well?

Why did I always LOVE being in a body that feels so completely relaxed and well?

Why do I LOVE a future life being in a body that feels so completely relaxed and well?

As a Spiritual Being having a prosperous human experience in this moment, I live in a body that feels completely relaxed and well.

Now, I’m Inhaling deeply and sending that cleansing breath into each cellular memory of when I LOVED living in a completely well body that felt so completely relaxed and happy…

This is the beginning of my story…in a body from the cellular memory location of loving the idea of being in my happiest, most complete body where I only experience prosperity in all of its vibrations.

Why am I relaxed and enjoying this moment?

Why do I allow and give myself permission to imagine being loved, wanted, welcomed, respected and acceptable for who I am?

I’m exhaling out any thoughts that may be whirling around negative emotions…releasing them into the air…watching them effortlessly floating away as freely and as easily as feathers in the wind…

Why does this complete the first part of the story in such a wonderfully freeing way?

Why do I LOVE the beginning of this story of living in delightful physical body happiness?

Inhale deeply again and send that cleansing breath into each cellular memory of when you were in another memory with loving friends who really understood you and cherished spending time with you…

LOVING living in your relaxed, happy, genuinely loved body that felt so completely relaxed and well…feeling respected, accepted as the spectacular person for who you are…in a time where you felt confident you could and did feel good about who you are…

Why do you feel good enough to be respected in this light, loved, and accepted body of yours?

Why are you good enough to feel welcomed, wanted, respected and loved in this truly prosperous body of yours?

Why were you thinking you loved the idea of being in a wonderfully flexible and open to new ideas body in each future moment of your life just because you choose to be there?

As a spiritual being having a human experience, you choose to live in a pain free body.  It’s easy for you to do and so you choose that story and you’re sticking to it…

Inhale deeply and send that cleansing breath into each cellular memory of the now being you are…here… loving, respecting and welcoming yourself into a place you cherish respectfully spending time with you…in a completely calm and relaxed body that feels as comforting as the velvety soft wind that blows as a gentle breeze in the baby blue sky above…so relaxed and loving this relaxing feeling…

Why do you feel good enough to be respected in this truly loved body of yours?

Why are you good enough to feel welcomed, wanted, respected and loved in this easily lovable body of yours?

Why do you love the idea of being in a wonderfully lovable body right now and in each future moment of your life just because you choose to be there?

As a spiritual being having a human experience, you choose to live in a prosperous world.  This world includes living in a body that supports and serves you well.  It’s easy for you to do and so you choose that story and you’re sticking to it…

In the harmony of relaxation and complete wellness…because that’s simply what you choose to do…

Why do you see harmony as your constant, trustworthy, loving companion of wellness?

Why does harmony sound so appealing to you as you notice your relaxed and completely well body?

Why can you always rely on harmony to tend to you in a loving, respectful, adoring manner as only IT can do for you?

Why do you LOVE feeling cherished, adored, welcomed, wanted, respected for who you are?

Why are you so happy respecting yourself for who you are?

Why do you allow and give yourself permission to live in a world where you feel confident, relaxed and respected for who you are?

Why do you feel so much better as the real you, the comfortable feeling you?

Why are you and harmony such good friends?

Why do you like being with harmony?

See yourself in harmony with nature now…imagine being in your very favorite place in the world…wherever that place is…you are there…relaxed…comforted…welcomed…wanted…loved and respected for who you are…

End of script

Please let me know how well this script works for you and/or your clients. I look forward to hearing from you at [email protected]