Be Mindful

Be Mindful

Each of us uses our mind and brain to think and then physically behave in some way.  The two human tools called mind and brain are different from each other.  To be mindful, you relax, close your eyes and intentionally think a thought that favors you in some way.  You use your brain to humanly interpret that thought.  Then, you use the thought and your nervous system to behave in some physical way.

You think using your mind.  You physically translate the thoughts you think from your mind using your brain and then you act according to what you have thought.

The mind is a theory, an invisible, energetic, spiritual part of you connected to a higher consciousness beyond human understanding. It can’t be scientifically proven.  You have to take the existence of mind on faith.  When you use faith that you can effectively and naturally cope with a serious illness, you believe in something that helps you move forward.  It is by thinking forward-moving thoughts that you can be mindful in an uplifting way.

Your brain is something you can physically touch.  During an autopsy, the brain can be lifted out of the head.  Your mind is made up of intelligent energy.  You can’t feel your mind the way you can hold a brain in your hands, but you use your physical body to feel effects you create using it.  By comparing the differences between your mind and your brain you can better understand these are two very different tools humans use to experience life.

To Be Mindful…

What qualities need to be developed to be mindful of how to effectively cope with a serious illness?

  • Open-mindedness
  • Flexibility
  • Optimistically focusing on what could or can be possible

The world around you socially conditions you to believe what it wants you to believe.  Think about this idea.  What is “in fashion” is socially created.  When the fashion world decides something, they decide for you.  They promote through the media what the masses should think about fashion.  If you believe, in a mindless way, in what they are telling you, you wear clothes designed by the fashion industry.

This mindless promotion of conditionally motivating, inspiring or directing you to think what someone else wants you to think occurs all around you. Be mindful and you stop mindlessly thinking.  Mindlessly thinking is not consciously thinking.  When you consciously respond, choosing to think for yourself; that is mindfulness.

When you buy processed food, it is done by a certain group who manufacture and promote processed food products.  But processed food products are not actually food.  It is a material appearing real, similar to fear (false evidence appearing real), designed to make you sick and mislead you into giving up money for it.  It has little to no nutritional value in it.  Even if it is organic.

Real food is naturally grown in nature, not processed in a manufacturing plant.  Go ahead and pick up a piece of fruit or a naturally occurring vegetable; read the label on it.  Oh, there isn’t one?  That’s because real food doesn’t have a label on it!

Eating processed food and pretending it is real food is a tool used to train you to mindlessly eat.  You train yourself to believe it is food.  You use processed food to develop the habit of mindless eating.

When you mindlessly eat something out of a bag with a label on it, you are not eating natural food.  You are eating flavored chemicals. Be mindful.  Eat REAL food.  This is one way of effectively coping with a serious illness.  Eat something that naturally refuels your body.  The healthier your body is, the less pain you experience.  The more clearly you can think and make decisions that result in a meaningful outcome for you.

To be mindful, slow down and think for yourself.  Relax and take time to explore what is called alternative health, holistic health or integrative health possibilities for your wellness.  This may be a new way of thinking.  You do this type of thinking from the inside where your inner self is guiding you to go.


To be responsively mindful is to be aware of what is happening in the present moment. When you are mindful of what you are thinking, you realize you do not need a group of people telling you what to think.  Instead, you listen to an inner, trustworthy, genuine voice guiding you to be your most authentic self.  Your inner voice doesn’t ask you to harm yourself.  Instead, this inner voice leads you to experience new ways of being well and effectively coping with serious illness, often at a very reasonable price.

To better understand mindfulness, think about what it means to be unmindful.  Unmindfulness means to let other people tell you what to think.  Unfortunately, the promoted human condition is to let others do your thinking for you. You can change that way of being by turning off the TV.  Stop listening to the main stream media programming your mind and choose for yourself what ideas to believe.

Intuitively, you are guided to do what feels wholesome and good for you.  This inner guidance opens up new and safe ways of effectively working with serious illness.  Such useful inner guidance suggests:

  • Get sufficient rest
  • Stretch
  • Do deep breathing exercises
  • Meditate regularly
  • Using self hypnosis
  • Eat real, unprocessed food
  • Focus on what you can do from within in an optimistic, respectful, loving way

These ideas and more help you create, sustain and maintain wellness without using life-threatening, toxic narcotics or processed “food” products.  Instead, be mindful as often as possible to genuinely work with serious illness.

Being mindful is listening to your inner self guiding you.  Listen to your inner self encouraging you to allow yourself to see life as it really is.  When you do this you no longer see life through the lens of socially conditioned beliefs, opinions, judgments, thoughts or emotions.

Question what you are being told to believe if it feels wrong for you.  Peer pressure may or may not be a useful thing.  Peer pressure is what being socially conditioned is all about – fearing that others may not like you for choosing differently than what they have been mindlessly told to believe.

Genuine Happiness

Mindfulness leads to genuine happiness.  Accumulating excess physical world “stuff” does not lead to true happiness.  Things outside of you cannot be taken with you when you complete your mission here on earth.  Happy memories of what you did that really made a difference do.

Needless Worry

Stop watching the TV news.  It keeps you stirred up and focused on crime, problems, challenges almost all of which cannot be solved or improved by you.  Instead of worry, express genuine gratitude.  Be mindful of all the blessings in your life.  This eliminates unnatural worry.

The habit of unnaturally worrying about all the wrong going on as you perceive it is a mental, social conditioning tool.  To stop worry, be mindful of the thoughts you are thinking.  When you feel calm, you create that feeling by being mindful of what’s calming for you.

Be mindful!  It is a choice.