Chronic pain management

Does Having a Positive Mental Attitude Really Help You for Pain Management?

It seems like nowadays so many of the baby boomer generation are stressed out.  Stress and tension are evidence of blocked energy in your body.  You can clear energy blocks by doing something productive and natural to manage your stress.  This beings by having a positive mental attitude about what can be done to improve things.

If you are a baby boomer taking care of an aging parent, or your own chronic pain management conditions, you may be stressed.  Chronic pain management, effective stress management and taking time for yourself are a part of caregiving for your aging parent and yourself.  Having a positive mental attitude can help you effectively cope with what can sometimes be very frustrating during this time of life for us.  I say “us” because I’m a baby boomer, too!

A Positive Mental Attitude Helps You Effectively Cope With Life Challenges

Aging parents experiencing chronic conditions such as dementia cannot help their memory loss.  I know about taking care of someone with dementia.  My husband and I are taking care of his 86-year-old mother.

Taking a positive mental attitude about her mild dementia, I focus on treating her patiently and with loving respect.  I am so lucky that all three of us are so compatible.  By taking the time to work with her age, we live in a supportive, loving, calm environment. 

Positive mental attitude helps you effectively you work with stressful situations.  Be open to managing chronic conditions naturally.  Natural ways of getting pain, tension or stress relief helps you manage stress better. 

Picture yourself in a typical stress-related situation.  Like tiny swarms of bees invading your mind, stress situations sting you with poisoning thoughts of hopeless. This type of thinking creates block energy in your system. Clear energy blocks by adopting and developing a hopeful positive mental attitude.  It can act like a shield reflecting stress away.

What if you have chronic pain or discomfort from something like fibromyalgia, grief because you can’t let go of loss of a loved one, or problems with a fear or phobia?  If you need help getting natural relief from these conditions, consider adding self-hypnosis, guided imagery or meditation to your chronic pain management program. 

Using the power of your own mind, you can achieve pain management success through a positive mental attitude. Self hypnosis, guided imagery and meditation can be a very helpful and beneficial part of a natural chronic pain management program.

Take time for yourself!  You are worth the time it takes to be happy and free of stress.  Enjoy life success through a positive mental attitude.

An Empowering Mind Helps You Relax

Okay, time for you.  Here’s a natural exercise you can use to help yourself naturally manage your stress levels:

Relax your shoulders.  Inhale and exhale deeply.  Repeat this affirmative paragraph:

“Everything is working out for my highest good.  The doors that need opening are opening.  The doors that need closing are closing.  I’m allowing and giving myself permission to walk through only the right doors for me.  Why am I only walking through the doors that are the right ones for me?  Why am I allowing myself to be guided in only the right direction for me?  I am SO very grateful that I am calm and trusting fate that all is well.”

The second part of the affirmative paragraph contains something called afformation questions. Noah St. John discovered that when you simply ask a question of your subconscious mind as if it’s already achieved, your subconscious finds a way to make it so.  When you use a positive mental attitude, affirmations and afformations help you naturally manage life stresses. 

The last sentence is a gratitude thought.  When you express gratitude for all the good in your life, you can find inner calm.  By regularly expressing gratitude and looking for the good in your life, you can create genuinely happy feelings within.  This helps you naturally manage your stress.

I encourage you to find out more about afformations by going to  Using them regularly, you can learn to easily achieve goals.

By the way, when it comes to asking afformation questions, do not try and answer them.  Just ask them and let your subconscious answer them.

Develop a positive mental attitude and see how life blossoms for you in ways you never before imagined!  For any help on developing a positive mental attitude, please contact me at [email protected].