Build Confidence

Negative Words Like Bummer Block Your Success – Build Confidence Instead

Everyone talks to themselves.  It’s simply a part of the way the brain and mind work together.  If you talk positively to yourself, you feel motivated and inspired. You allow the energy in your entire system to flow freely. When you feel motivated and inspired, you feel like you are a success.  However, negative words like bummer create energy blocks to your success.  If you want to build confidence and physically feel better, your mind requires positive self-talk. Regularly hearing and believing WITH uplifting FEELING positive self-talk can effectively clear energy blocks.

Use Positive Self-Talk To Build Confidence

There is a lot going on right now around the world.  I just found out a friend of mine is safe in California.  He did have to evacuate while flames engulfed homes around him.  Knowing he’s safe helps me feel safe about him.  I feel like my prayers for his safety have been answered. When I do think thoughts to feel mentally safe, I mentally clear energy blocks that hold me back in life. The same is true for any human. You effectively build confidence when you clear energy blocks.

I’m praying every day for the safety of people everywhere who lost everything to a hurricane or a fire.  But more is happening to them.  Due to being in a disaster, they are also experiencing Post Traumatic Success Disorder (PTSD.)  In PTSD, you can feel frighteningly stuck in life.  You can help those you know who have survived any type of disaster build confidence by talking about the good that is also happening at this time.

When you experience personal disasters, it can destroy your self-confidence.  You think using words like bummer, disappointment, disaster, downer, drag, misfortune.  Most likely, these are all words you’ve either said yourself or heard someone else say.  Or, you’ve said words like these as you see what’s going on around you. When you think using terms like this, you mentally block yourself from being a success.

When you emotionally react to self-limiting words in any way, you may have believed them in to your subconscious mind.  Negative words, no matter how funny you think they sound, can be thoughts that block your success.  Once you hear them enough, you can store them in your subconscious mind as your “normal.”

Your subconscious mind is like a hard disk.  It stores memories.  If you have hidden subconscious success blocks, you don’t know they are keeping you from moving forward. They steal away your wealth and life success. Want to know what’s really blocking your wealth and success?

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Help for Those Mentally Stuck After a Disaster

Here and there, then and now. These are important words you can think to create calm and inner peace in your mind during times of stress.

When I work with clients stuck in PTSD flashbacks, I ask them to think of these 4 words. In a PTSD flashback, which almost all of us have experienced, the person feels hopelessly afraid or overwhelmed.

When you feel stuck in a moment in your mind where you feel unnaturally frightened, stop for a moment and close your eyes. First, look around you and say out loud so your left brain can hear you say, “I am in (your state) located at (your local address) and today’s date is (state the current date and time if you’d like.)” It can even be better to write down these things on a paper because when the left brain (most closely associated with consciousness) sees a picture (which can be a drawing or words), the right hemisphere (most closely associated with the subconscious mind), also sees it. Then, the two minds can work together to create new options to feel calm.

Our brain is very creative. So, just by writing out on paper where you are in this present moment, you can redirect your thinking in an empowered way.  Choose to calmly inhale and then exhale while making sure you’ve relaxed your neck and shoulder muscles.  You can help your mind separate scary thoughts from preferred thoughts of calm. In other words, you can start to change from feeling the fear you felt back in a scary life moment and remind yourself you are now in a different physical place, in a different location and even existing at a different age. When you notice the differences between here and there and then and now, you empower yourself and can naturally reduce stress.

Please share this blog post with others who might want a natural way to reduce their stress. There are a lot of disasters going on all around us right now. The people you think would never read this post are the ones who might be open to reading it especially if they are filled with worry or anxiety about what they are currently experiencing in their lives.

Be there for the people who really need you right now.  Share this blog post.  You never know how you might be helping someone naturally reduce their stress just by sharing this blog post now.