Stress Management

Will You Invest 60 Seconds For Natural Stress Management?

You’re stressed about meeting a deadline. Being mentally stressed is how you cause energy blocks in your mind. Why do we really need to be so focused on quickly doing things? It is often a matter of being socially conditioned to go fast. Slow down and think things through before speaking and acting. This one tip helps you manage stress from the inside out.  Stress management begins by changing your mental conditioning.

Imagine feeling calm, confident, sure of yourself in all your relationships. When you interact with others, you feel like a communication master. Exactly the right words fall out of your mouth like sparkling jewels in a treasure chest. Knowing you can think clearly, say what you mean and mean what you say begins for most of us by effective stress management.

Americans with chronic conditions are time-aware.  Especially at work, they need to be very productive in a limited amount of time.  This time-awareness often causes them to feel stressed.  When you focus on doing tasks in a time-deadline attitude, you block energy from freely flowing. Clear energy blocks by naturally managing your stress scenarios first with your thoughts.  By thinking about possibilities and how things can go well, you reduce stress. At the workplace, stress management is essential to being the most productive.  But, you need to cope with stresses at home, too. 

You NEED Stress Management Now!

Remember that all stress starts because you first perceive things are going against your conscious desires.  That’s why using the power of your own mind is one of the best stress management tools around.  When you think differently about what’s triggering your stress, you can cope with it more effectively.

Are you employed and have a chronic condition?  If so, you may be interested in a newspaper article about workplace stress and job satisfaction.  It was reprinted in Cleveland’s Chronicle Telegram from the Washington Post.

In this study, 17,000 workers from 19 industries were surveyed.  To me, that’s a significant number of survey participants.  That’s why I paid attention to the statistics in the article.  The main areas most stressing workers? 

·        Employers require them to perform according to unreasonable employer demands and excessive responsibilities

·        They get little to no recognition for workplace contributions

·        They feel they rarely or never get the amount of money they deserve

·        They always or often feel overlooked

·        They get insufficient support from supervisors

·        They feel resentment toward co-worker

Why does investing time and effort in natural stress relief and stress management techniques help those with chronic conditions?  Throughout all life areas, it reduces excessively high cortisol levels in the body.  Cortisol is involved in the inflammatory response.

Inflammation causes you to hurt more. When you hurt more you are much less productive at work.  The less productive you are at work, the less secure your job is. If you are out of work, that causes you even more stress!  The more stressed you are, the more your relationships suffer.  When you are stressed, you need the support of those in your corner.  So, effective stress management helps you all around in addition to better managing your physical body pain. Click here to read more about the unhealthy effects of excess cortisol

What can be done to help people suffering with chronic conditions at work?  They need a fast stress relief technique.  Here’s my solution to getting natural stress relief using a simple self-hypnosis program. Click here to discover how to get de-stressed at work or at home in as little as 60 seconds.  

When I first created this program, I offered it to a flight attendant as I boarded a plane after leaving a professional hypnosis conference.  You can read the story about how I created the Sixty Second Stress Reduction Technique in the description of the program here.  The technique worked so well, other plane passengers asked me to work with them on the flight.  It was fun.  Now, I’m sharing the program with you.

If you want to reduce your stress or, you know someone else struggling with workplace stress, this is the perfect program for that situation.  It only takes 60 seconds, (after you train yourself on the technique) to get natural stress relief.

Are you so stressed out you are suffering with headaches, hypertension, stomach aches, or other physical body challenges?  Your wellness begins with effective stress management. 

Do what you doctor tells you to do to manage your stress-related problems.  This program is not meant as medical advice or to replace medical advice or in place of seeing a doctor for your health needs.  It is meant as a natural stress reduction technique that really works you can add to your wellness lifestyle!

Get stress relief right away.  Empower your mind using safe and proven effective self-hypnosis. Want to regularly read inspiring and motivation self-help and palliative care ideas? 

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