Releasing Anger

One Minute Meditation for Releasing Anger

Anger… we have all felt this emotion.  Tensing up your body and holding anger in creates imbalanced brain chemistry.  It also creates an energy blockage in your body (which is actually an energy system.)  Imbalanced chemistry can lead to physical problems such as headaches, high blood pressure, confusion, chaos and general unhappiness.  Releasing anger you clear energy blocks within you.

But how do you let go of anger when it seems to consume you? Letting go of anger begins by choosing to think differently about what’s causing you to feel angry. Once you start thinking differently, you start making life decisions differently.

There is ENERGY associated with thoughts.  When you change your thoughts to peace-based thoughts, you change the energy it takes to function.  In other words, releasing anger helps you generally feel happier.

Releasing Anger Is a Conscious Choice

Open-mindedness helps you relax and let go of anger.  You can release the tension behind the anger. I’ve found gently wrapping your left fingers around your right middle finger to be a useful way to release the stuck negative energy of anger.

Meditation and Jin Shin Jyutsu

Jin Shin Jyutsu ( is the ancient art of releasing tension.  Pronounced gin shin jit-sue, this tension releasing way of life is not a martial art.  Instead, it is a method of getting to know yourself though your body’s energy centers called Safety Energy Locks.

Think of these energy centers like they are similar to fuses in a circuit breaker in your house.  Sometimes these living fuses (Safety Energy Locks) become clogged, blocked or locked when you hold on to tension. Blocking the energy flow causes you to feel yucky! When locked, blocking energy meant to be free flowing causes disharmonious body tension.  An example of a body disharmony might be a headache, or unnaturally high blood pressure, or constipation, etc.

When you feel stressed about anything, that causes tension somewhere within your body.  One way you create tension is by holding on to anger. Clear energy blocks easily by using the ideas in this blog post.  They really work.  I use them myself and feel so much better!

The tension you feel travels through your body by energy.  Everything is connected by energy.  Energy is invisible to the human eye, but we can feel its effects. The effects of anger stop us from smiling and enjoying life.

Releasing Anger

When you feel angry, your brain, mind and spirit are temporarily merged in a self-limiting cacophony of unhappiness.  When you feel unhappy, you cause tension in your body.

Tension is made up of two parts; energy and data bits. You see, anger, like any emotion, is thought based.  This is true also of any feeling as well.

A feeling is actually made up of different energetic and highly intelligent elements.  Those elements are energy and data bits. Data bits are like words.  They have meaning.  Sometimes the meaning turns out to be toxic to you.

Think of your thoughts like they are similar to living computer software programs.  For your computer, you install a software program and your physical computer behaves a certain way when you use the software program. For your body, when you think a thought, such as anger, your body feels the effects of those thoughts.

When you use your body to repeatedly feel and hold on to self-limiting feelings like anger, you are in essence programming your body with tension-based thoughts.  This type of thinking causes tension and unwellness.

In Jin Shin Jyutsu, you release the energy associated with self-limiting thoughts and feelings.  Once the energy is neutralized, you no longer use those programs to create self-limits and energy draining effects in your body.

Releasing Anger Energy

The energy that carries your thoughts goes to every particle of your body.  Self-limiting and self-sabotaging thought energy (such as anger) can get stuck in different parts of your body.  This stuck energy can cause real physical pain.  Using meditation and other natural relaxation methods can help you feel better.

Brief Meditation Instructional Video For Releasing Anger

As a professional hypnotist, and a long time Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, I’ve enjoyed the natural benefits of regularly moving stuck energy for natural stress reduction and wellness.  Meditation, mindfulness, hypnosis, Reiki and Jin Shin Jyutsu are all activities that support natural pain relief.  When you let go of angry thoughts, you reduce stress.  When you are less stressed, you may also enjoy natural pain relief.

I invite you to enjoy a very brief instructional video right now about releasing anger.  This exercise is especially helpful for those struggling with anger issues.  If you want to gently unblock and release the energy of anger so your thoughts simply collapse and go away, I encourage you to practice Jin Shin Jyutsu every day.  If you like what you see, please give the video a “thumbs up” and a positive comment.

The “releasing anger” video is the third video in a series of several videos about meditation and releasing negative emotions.   The first video in this series about “releasing overwhelm” is called One Minute Meditation For Pain Relief relax your digestion and let go of overwhelm.  The second video in the series can be seen here.  It instructs you on how to easily let go of the energy and tension of fear.

This series of videos is using relaxation, meditation and Jin Shin Jyutsu Finger Flows.  If you’d like to learn more about how to naturally relax, please contact me for a personal coaching session.

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