Free Golf Tips

Free Golf Tips – So Simple Even Your Kids Can Do It

In your mind, you tell yourself many things about your golf game.  Though you intend to do well in each and every game, sometimes you are way over par on each hole.  That can be very frustrating. However, with some free golf tips, you can enjoy the best mental golf.  When you enjoy the mental side of golf, you can actually create new neural pathways in your brain. These neural pathways are like highways your thoughts travel along.  When you think thoughts that result in your playing better golf, you want to KEEP thinking these types of thoughts for consistently better play.  Why care about the thoughts you think for your golf game?  Because every golf swing begins with a thought!

Use These Free Golf Tips Starting in Your Game Today

Let’s start at the beginning when you are addressing the ball at the tee…

  1. Think of the acronym FLOG. (That’s GOLF backwards.) This is a simple technique I created for improving your focus while golfing.
    1. Focus on seeing yourself in your mind feeling calm and confident while playing. A focused mindset helps you play well.  If your ball winds up where you do not want it to go, instead of letting that distract you…
    2. Look ONLY at the scenes in your mind of great shots. If a self-limiting mental scene tries to distract your preferred mental scene of ONLY making a great shot, shake it off. Refocus on what you REALLY want to see by first calmly inhaling then exhaling.
    3. OWN IT! Own the preferred shot you imagine in your mind to make your body do what you see in your mind. To do this, see your preferred positive shot, breathe calmly, then exhale while feeling good and confident about ONLY choosing your preferred shot lay.
    4. Go with your own mentally preferred shot.
    5. Rinse. FLOG again.
  2. In your mind be playful when you think about playing the game of golf. If you are tense and stress, no amount of free golf tips will help you play well.
  3. Keep your mind focused in this present moment of where you want the ball to go. Forget thinking about the past or the future shot. Just stay focused on what you are PRESENTLY doing to get the ball to where you want it to go.

These free golf tips are simple and useful for your golf game.  Want more tips? Check out our Facebook page or join our list. Get a free ebook that helps you improve your game.