How to Reduce Stress Naturally

How to Reduce Stress Naturally – Favor Yourself Because You Can

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Wondering how to reduce stress naturally? In the thoughts you think about yourself, think ones that favor you. Social conditioning promotes staying stirred up about things that are largely unsolvable by you. How do you know there is a general social vibration of keeping you stirred up and worried? Check in with how you are feeling. If you feel worried, you’ve bought into the idea that somehow you are supposed to solve the world’s problems. Those kinds of thoughts work against you.

How to Reduce Stress Naturally? Talk to Yourself Kindly

Self talk that favors you reduces your stress. Can talking lovingly about yourself and others be a useful key that answers how to reduce stress naturally? Yes! It can! How do you know this idea is true? Because you are naturally designed to do this and then feel good.

Engage in this exercise. Focus on how you feel after completing it. Then you will see for yourself what I’ve just said is true.

Feel good about you exercise:

  1. Think about being a child learning how to tie your shoes.
  2. Someone is with you repeatedly walking you through the process. Do you feel frustrated as you are in the process of developing the shoe-tying skill?
  3. Do you feel dissatisfied that, even though you have never experienced shoe-tying before, you are calling yourself names? Those dissatisfying thoughts do NOT favor you.
  4. If you feel dissatisfied, you are not feeling good. You also are not favoring yourself regardless of whether you can or cannot tie your shoes.
  5. Okay, let that unhappy feeling and scenario from the past go for a moment.
  6. Now, focus on being 5 years older where you HAVE successfully mastered tying your shoes. Feel happy/satisfaction acknowledging you like being able to tie your own shoes? When you feel happy and satisfied, you do not feel stressed.
  7. The stress reduction secret is focusing on the GOOD FEELING. The more often you use your imagination and focus on feeling good and favoring yourself, the better you feel.
  8. As you are favoring yourself, notice that you feel more secure. Doing this exercise repeatedly just feels good. Talking to yourself about feeling happy that you are a capable, competent person feels good. That’s because you have made mental certainty in the uncertainty of doing the skill.

Did You Condition Yourself To Say A Curse When You Act Unable?

Many women who feel stressed are unaware they’re thinking and speaking unkindly about themselves especially when they can’t perform. Performance expectations are a part of us being convinced we must condemn ourselves unless we perform well. Cursing yourself and saying hypercritical and unfairly judgmental remarks about your personal value causes unhappy feelings. Luckily you can stop this habit by first being aware you’ve been doing it.

Everything Begins with a Thought

Only you can think your thoughts. Make them ones that favor you. It sounds simple enough to respect yourself and have others respect you, too. However, it takes practice and making it a habit. So, if you wondering how to reduce stress naturally, it requires you to favor yourself.

Why does favoring yourself naturally calm you down? It’s actually a function of the brain. When the brain thinks thoughts, neuro-pathways in the brain are formed. By thinking the same thoughts repeatedly, those brain pathways become more deeply active. So, when you think thoughts that favor you, the brain pathways light up in harmony. The converse is also true. Think thoughts that say you are a disappointment and you stress yourself out.  So, don’t do that!

Serotonin levels and oxytocin levels become activated when you think self-liking thoughts. Feeling likable, lovable and acceptable for who you are brings neurochemical harmony to you brain. Because you activate good feelings, you naturally reduce stress.  See? It’s a wonderful cycle.

Your brain and body are built to function harmoniously. If you LOVE living harmoniously, think thoughts that favor you! Here’s a short video that’s also a mini-coaching session for happiness.

You never need to wonder how to reduce stress naturally. Now you know how to do it!