You’re a beautiful woman feeling uncertain how to feel happy and comfortable with the wonderful person you already are. If this describes you, thoughts in your belief system are creating subconsciously hidden ideas holding you back in life.

You are made up of an energy system. When we create blocks to our genuine happiness, we no longer can live our dreams. The solution?

Clear energy blocks.  You do this with your mind.

For example, imagine yourself feeling comfortable about being the capable person you already are. But a thought or a series of thoughts from your childhood nag you into immobility. Thoughts like “you are not good enough,” or “you are not enough to be happy”, or, “you don’t deserve to be truly happy”, or “you don’t deserve to have enough money.” Whatever those thoughts you hear in your mind, you can permanently transform and forever silence them. How? Here’s a mind exercise that may help…

Imagine hearing these self-limiting thoughts. They are like invisible “beings” inside your mind. You hear their voice because they are all stored in your memory. Pretend one voice says, “You are not good enough to have all the money you want.” Instead of letting that belief voice be true for you anymore, picture the voice having a shape. What is that shape as it talks in a domineering tone? Since it’s all in your mind, you are the author of that voice. If you are the author of it, you are also the creator of it. Since you are the author, you can control it. So, imagine changing the shape into a shape you prefer. Match a comforting, encouraging, uplifting voice to the new shape.  Keep listening to the encouraging, supportive voice until you feel confident having enough money in your life is not acceptable for you. Keep changing the shape until you feel calm, confident and peaceful inside allowing yourself to do something respectful, fun and that aligns with what feels right for you.

Doing this simple exercise helps clear energy blocks.That’s what a mind body spirit coach does…she helps you hear your subconscious mind in a different, empowered way to clear energy blocks holding you back in life.

If you’ve ever thought negatively or in self-limiting, self-sabotaging ways about yourself, you created mental energy blocks. Those blocks often show up in your physical body.  These energy blocks can cause disease and disharmony. Clear energy blocks and you live more happily. I show you how to do this using the power of your own mind.

Susan Fox, Mind Body Spirit Coach

I’ve worked with thousands of women helping them tap into their own abilities to clear energy blocks.  You can do the same thing. Using your woman’s intuition and energy movement techniques, you can be freed to live life more confidently.

If you’ve never hired a life coach, you may wonder what I do for my clients. I help women understand how to improve the quality of their relationships.  This includes relationships within and with others.

Why do you want me for your life coach? Because I’ve been coached and I know how helpful having a mentor is.

In August of 1988, two months after our twelve-year-old son Jason died from a rare birth disorder called Marfan’s Syndrome, I figured out I wanted a new career. I wanted more meaning in my life.

As I started asking myself a lot of questions, a friend introduced me to hypnosis. She had just come back from a professional training program in California for it. After a session with her I realized this was something I also wanted to do. And that was how I began my career as a hypnotist.

As a hypnotist I earnestly listen to my women clients. I commonly hear that they feel afraid, worried or uncertain about whether they have a right to be their true self. Wanting to help be free of those negative feelings, I started researching how the brain thinks. That’s what started my second career in 1990 as a brain dialog researcher.

The more I sat in on unique training about how life really works, the more I developed and used my intuition. I discovered that when you go with your gut, you “get life” in an entirely different way. Along the way I discovered that I was also an Energy Field Intuitive. Many women naturally use their intuition. I help you develop that skill if that’s something you’d like to do.

These three major changes in my life, Jason’s passing, being professionally trained as a hypnotist and researching how the brain thinks took me on a path to discover more deeply the Science of Vibratory Matching. When you understand how our universe is made up of energy, frequencies and vibrations, your world may change as mine did.

Now, after more than 30 years being a hypnotist, a brain dialog researcher, an energy field intuitive, public speaker, writer, and trainer of other hypnotists and holistic health practitioner, I’ve worked with thousands of women helping them find happiness from within. If you’re looking to stop holding yourself back from living happily and instead want to develop the habit and skills of genuine inner peace about being who you are, I’m here for you.

I look forward to working with you sharing what I’ve learned. Please contact me for a free 20 minute phone or Skype consultation by calling in the US or Canada (740) 531-0400 or emailing me at [email protected].

Susan Fox, Mind Body Spirit Coach