Hooponopono_Free Happiness Session
FREE! Click on this audio to listen in to the latest Ho’oponopono session. Relax for about 40 minutes and enjoy a vacation to happiness in your mind!

What is the Ho’oponopono_Free Happiness Session?

Do you feel peaceful?  I’m not talking about a calm feeling you might feel as a result of taking a prescription drug.  Taking prescription drugs are an unnatural way to feel peaceful.  In the Ho’oponopono_Free Happiness session, you tap into the Divine, spiritual version of you to feel genuine, unceasing peace from an eternal perspective.

We are all connected with Divine Intelligence.  This Divine Intelligence naturally and freely flows within you.  You can tell when you have consciously chosen to connect with the Divine Intelligence within you because you feel naturally calm.

Are you an adult Baby Boomer caregiver?  Listen to Ho,oponopono_Free Happiness Session with your aging parent.  It will relax and help your parent feel better naturally.  Here are some more ideas about Baby Boomer caregiving:

Baby Boomer Tips For Adult Caregiving

There is nothing more priceless than feeling genuine inner peace.  Each person can create inner peace.  You do this naturally by accessing and using an invisible intelligence that accompanies you from the moment you are created energetically to the end of life event.

Ho’oponopono_Free Happiness Session Relaxes You Naturally

When you learn how to use Ho’oponopono, practicing it regularly changes the vibration of your life.  You are actually an intelligent vibration communicating with every cell in your body all the time.  Divine Intelligence keeps you functioning as a spiritual being having a human experience.

Everything in life is based in thought energy.  The thoughts you think will attract to you pessimistic thinking people or optimistic thinking people on this planet.  As a part of the human experience, we seem to alternate between thinking optimistic and pessimistic thoughts.

When you worry, you are praying for things you do not want.  That is why learning how to constantly think in optimistic ideas helps you attract to you that which you consciously desire.  To eliminate the habit of worry, use the Ho’oponopono_Free Happiness Session regularly.  When you work with the Divine, you will see your life change for the better!

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