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The Coma Whisperer Book Reviews

Susan Fox’s The Coma Whisperer echoes the multitude of challenges caregivers face when supporting a loved one through a crisis.  The case recounted in this book demonstrates the power of hypnosis, helping to improve the quality of life of a brain-injured youth and bring comfort, peace and hope to his caregivers. The author’s personal experience as a caregiver, as well a hypnosis professional, combine to make a book that is both emotionally engaging and a valuable tool.

Connie Hollett, Trained & Certified Consulting Hypnotist

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


“The Coma Whisperer” by Susan Fox is a must read for anyone who needs comforting, acceptance and creative learning in their role as a caregiver. Sometimes, fate changes our lives in one dramatic moment and this story gives us many helpful ideas for how-to cope with situations that tax us and test our faith to the very core. Susan’s story easily explains how each of us already possess the power of our mind through hypnosis and how natural it is; and at the same time reminding us that God has a divine plan for each of us that we may not comprehend. Hypnosis is a tool that allows us to expand our own personal growth when we are forced to face difficulties. I hope you enjoy “The Coma Talker” as much as I did. I plan on absorbing and practicing the lessons in my life right now!


-Jane Ann Clemens, PMT, NCH, CHt Ben Lomond, CA


A heartbreaking and heartwarming story of the power of love, the brain and God. Touching wisdom within inspires the reader. A must-read for anyone with a family member or friend with a long-term illness. Susan Fox has written an outstanding book that brings the hypnotism profession to a new level. At times, she teaches scientific concepts in an easy way for people to grasp. She uses storytelling to get her point across in an interesting way. Susan explains what hypnosis really is in an extraordinary way, perhaps the best I have ever heard. Finally, reading this book brings you more in touch with our spiritual purpose on this planet and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Beverly Keyes Taylor, CH

Homestead, Florida


The Coma Whisperer is skillfully written, moving and insightful.  It had me choking back the tears as well as rejoicing for the future.  Susan clearly demonstrates what an important and powerful tool hypnosis can be, as well as her unwavering trust in God.

Leslie Bonnick, Hypnotherapist, Axminster, UK


The hearing is the last to go. Coma victims can hear everything that is happening around them. Susan shows us the importance of staying strong and positive around unconscious patients. She connects us with the grandparents as they adjust to the tragic accident that caused their young grandson to slip into a coma. It was almost too much to bare after having buried their only son and daughter-in-law a few years back. We learn from their strength, positive attitude, and willingness to try an unconventional method to reach their grandson.  Using Hypnosis Susan was able to give young Jonathan the gift of communicating with the hospital staff and his family. I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in knowing about alternative methods, finding inner strength during times of adversity, and the power of love and mindful living. This book is a must-read for hospital staff of coma patients and family members with loved ones in a coma.

Joyce Kostakis