Energy supports your life. Virtually anyone can train to manifest and create a genuinely happy life. Are you one of those type of people? You are if you are open to discovering how to naturally clear energy blocks.

Imagine, using your mind’s eye, a happy moment you’d like to physically experience.  Doing this, you ignite your subconscious mind to prompt you to act in certain ways to live that dream.  If you follow those subconscious promptings, you live your dream in your physical world. If you block subconscious ideas that support your dream, you create energy blockages.  The way to live your dream is to clear energy blocks you’ve inadvertently created. Happy life works as simply as that.

Here’s a scenario that could be a life event. Train now and you know how to naturally clear energy blocks making the unexpected scary.  How would this event turn out for you.  First, the event: 

You’re watching your husband/spouse/boyfriend/grandfather/child/co-worker/boss/(fill in-the-blank) stumble and trip.  He says, “Slazzch, beedemoo your?”

You say, “What did you say?”

He repeats, “Is it going to rain today?”

You raise your eyebrows in surprise.  You stare for a couple of seconds at him. What just happened here? you wonder. That was gibberish he spoke. A tightened, worried feeling comes up from your gut into your throat. The next thought comes to your mind in one word: stroke? But you feel too afraid to even speak that word!

What is your reaction? Clear Energy Blocks surprised woman

A little overwhelmed but unclear why?

Afraid of something you can’t physically see?

Worried you now need to watch over him like a hawk?

These self-limiting feelings can be common examples of energy blocks. Your negative reactions to relationship interactions and life scenarios can cause long-term blocked energy pathways. Blocked energy pathways keep you from thinking clearly about how to respond during the unexpected.

Here’s the same story but experienced in a different, empowered way because you know how to respond instead of react:

You’re watching someone you care about stumble and trip.  He says, “Slazzch, beedemoo your?”

You ask, “What did you say?”

He repeats, “Is it going to rain today?”

You stare for a couple of seconds at him. You recognize gibberish when you hear it.  In a knee jerk reaction, you create a tightened, worried feeling starting from your gut and move it up into your throat. The first thought that comes to your mind is one word: stroke?

Clear Energy Blocks woman1

You recognize you initially felt scared, but then you respond.  Because you know how to clear energy blocks, you choose to take charge of your thoughts.  Instead of feeling indecisively frozen about what to do, you respond and act in a clear way.  This clarity of thought could help save your loved one’s life if this had been a real scenario.

To feel clear, first, you calm yourself down using a simple breathing exercise.  Here it is:

You inhale for 3 counts a deep belly breath.  As you expand the lower section of your lungs inside your ribs silently counting 1 – 2 – 3, you focus on calming yourself.  Then, you exhale for 6 counts.  This simple exercise naturally relaxes you and brings more oxygen to your brain.  Oxygen to the brain helps you balance your brain chemistry and helps you think more clearly.  Clear thinking helps neutralize overwhelm and effectively manages stress.

But, you’re still feeling stressed about what just happened right now.  So, you repeat the exercise. One belly inhale held for 3 counts, then exhale it for 6 counts.  You notice you feel calmer, clearer headed, more in the present moment.  Just by using this one exercise, you may have aborted creating an energetic block somewhere in your body.

After calming yourself, you then respond.  You call the local hospital Emergency Department and ask for a nurse.  You clearly describe what just happened.  An ambulance arrives shortly after you called the hospital.  As a result of your clear-headedness, things go much better for you and your loved one.

You Are Made Up Of Energy

Understand that you are made up of energy. Energy courses through everything.  It is designed to flow through your body to comfortably sustain your life.

Your body is actually made up of 4 main energy fields.  You are really an energy system.

What are the 4 main energy fields of which you are made?

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Spiritual

When you understand your system and work with it, you live life in an empowered way.  When your energetic system pathways become blocked, and you leave them blocked, you don’t feel fully present in your activities. Those blocks can cause physical, emotional, mental and spiritual disharmony in your energy system.

How can you naturally clear energy blocks? Simple. It happens by tapping into your mind/body/spirit connection and using it as a powerful, life-sustaining resource.

You Can Innately Clear Energy Blocks

Energetic blocks can appear anywhere in your entire energy system. You can use your mind/body/spirit connection to keep everything in balance. But it requires you to invest in training.  This page outlines one exercise you can use whenever you feel unnaturally overwhelmed, frightened, angry, deeply sad or grievous and/or like your false self.  When you act like your socially conditioned self or false self, you act contrary to your true spiritual self.

You are actually two beings in one; a spiritual you and a human you. By trusting and following your true spiritual self, and Divine guidance that is always here with us, the human you prospers in everything!

The Divine, energetic you is here to serve you. Are you going to be a team player to really enjoy your life?  If so, becoming an energy master is the place to start.

Interested in becoming an energy master?  Contact me and let’s start working together. Email me at [email protected] or leave me a 24/7 message at (740) 531-0400.  I look forward to watching you become the energy master you already energetically are!