In my life, I’ve had several near death events.  Due to these experiences, I see and hear people’s energy fields.  I relay and use this information with my clients to clear energetic blockages of lack holding them back in life. Please see testimonials about people working with me at

I work with women helping them develop their intuitive skills.  Or, I bring messages from dead people “on the other side” of life.  Finally, I read your energy fields and help you clear misdirected intelligent energies holding you back.  I do these things using my natural intuitive skills.  And you can also develop your intuitive skills to do Divine work if you desire.

Your Divine self consistently sends you messages.  Can you hear them?  If not, you may be able to learn how to hear them.  Developing the skill of effortless prosperity is possible.  But, it does require you developing your intuitive skills.

Imagine your brain being similar to a radio receiver.  Using your intuition, imagination and various thinking skills, you can receive Divine messages.  You do this the same way you tune in to your favorite radio station broadcasts; you use a signal receiver.  That receiver is your mind and brain. 

On earth, radio stations send broadcasts using a radio transmitter.  These broadcasts are sent using certain radio frequencies.  The Divine uses this same technology transmitting messages to you using your mind, brain, body and spirit connection.  You receive these transmissions by purposely tuning in mentally to the Divine frequencies always broadcasting good news.

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Do you want happy, meaningful relationships and truly prosperous life situations?  Then it requires developing your intuition and using it the way you were designed to use it.  Start now using this free audio recording. In exchange for joining my list, you get this free audio download guiding you to use your intuition as your infinite self. 

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