Content is King For Sharing Your Important Message

Do you feel passionate about a cause, mission or solution to someone’s struggles? If so, your important message needs to be shared!

But, effectively conveying your message might be challenging for you. That’s okay because each of us demonstrates his or her own unique talents.

Here is a sample article that may help you with writing content:

If writing seems to stress you out, or, if your busy schedule simply prohibits you from doing it, I can help in the following areas:

  • Product descriptions
  • PDF formatted marketing ebooks (usually given out for free to your ideal
  • prospects)
  • Love notes (words written to convey friendship, express gratitude,
  • clearly communicate appreciation or articulate romantic love to others)
  • Manifesting scripts (manifesting afformations to help you make your dreams
  • become physical realities)
  • Hypnotic scripts (usually for new hypnotists in clinical settings or for those using
  • self-hypnosis for personal empowerment skill development)
  • Articles (to promote your cause, mission or solution)
  • Blog posts (packed with keyphrases to help SEO)
  • Proofreading
  • Document and report editing
  • Internet radio media coaching

Potential clients are already looking for your quality products and services.  They desperately need your solution that makes their problem go away.

So, if verbs, adjectives, nouns, metaphors, similes sound like familiar content tools to you but you have no idea how, where or when to use them, allow freelance writing services help you.Please get in touch with me. Let’s schedule in a free phone or Skype (hypnotic-brain-talk) consultation today so we can get started working together.  I’m excited to get to know all about you.  Please call me for project rates in the US and Canada at (740) 531-0400 or email me at .