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“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience;

we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

– Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881 – 1955)


Are You Listening To Your Intuition Nudging You To Be Happy?

Do you know who you are? Many people believe they do. But let’s see if we both understand life the same way.

All living things are made up of “matter.” In fact, EVERYTHING in our world is made up of “intelligent matter.”

Matter is comprised of atoms with electrical charges vibrating at a certain frequency to “appear” as a certain form. This electrically vibrating matter keeps everything in our universe together.

YOU are actually made up of two basic versions of you; the human “you” and the invisible, etheric or energetic “You.” I’ve capitalized the etheric or energetic “You” so you can tell the difference between the mortal (human) or temporary “you” and the eternal (spiritual, etheric or energetic) You.

Researchers and experienced mind, body, spirit coaches like myself understand that each of us agreed to be here now for specific reasons. Before we all agreed to having an earthly human experience, we lived as eternal, energetic beings. Once we complete our earth life missions, we go back to eternally living in a different realm of existence.

How do I know this? As a Mind, Body, Spirit Coach, I’ve worked with thousands of people over the years bringing them messages from crossed over loved ones.  Also, I have the personal experience with my own son.  He crossed over at age twelve.  I also have extensive experience as a death doula with humans and pets.  Yes, pets do cross over, too.

Here’s an article about near death experiences that may interest or help you.  Crossing over is nothing any human or animal can escape.  Being prepared for it helps the transition be calmer for you.


Within 24 hours after my son Jason crossed over at age twelve in 1988, my husband and I sat in our home’s living room still reeling from his “passing.” Quite unexpectedly, I heard his voice call to me. Though no longer connected to his physical body anymore, I knew my own child’s voice.

“Mom? Mom!” his voice beckoned to me from an invisible place.

I said to my husband, “Can you hear that?”

Rudy (my husband) said, “Hear what?”

I said, “Jason. He’s talking to me…”

Rudy said, “Well, ANSWER him!”

After this first conversation with him from another realm, I personally knew we live forever. Upon further research of this phenomenon, I discovered the experience to be based in a science called vibratory matching. For some reason, I came into this life with my brain and mind being able to receive brain waves from beyond human frequencies.  Neurologically designed in such a way that I can hear, see, sense and know spirit communication, millions of people also share these abilities.

Some people call these skills paranormal.  But growing up with these abilities being routine for me, they seem normal to me.

In his book, The Creative Brain, Ned Herrmann explains everyone’s abilities as brain dominant preferences. Just as you have likes and dislikes and preferred ways to think thoughts, we all have what Ned refers to as our individual thinking style.  Your brain’s unique thinking style is neither good nor bad, nor right or wrong when compared with the way other people think.  It is simply different and unique from all other created individuals.

Everything Communicates Through a Unique Frequency

As Dr. Royal Rife discovered through his life’s work, all living things are made up of and identifiable according to an assigned and unique frequency. When it comes to understanding the Universal Life Source Energy Field phenomenon, and the science of vibratory matching, we discover that some of us are simply more sensitive to different vibrations than others.

There is nothing weird, strange or paranormal about being able to hear, sense, see, know and basically receive vibratory communications from beyond the human realm of consciousness. All humans can do it because we are all connected by energy.

Some may prefer NOT to communicate using their higher abilities.  They may feel scared to do it.  But, because we are all made up of the same materials, if you really desire to develop these soul abilities, you can do it.

Being “in tune” to different frequencies via the science of vibratory matching, we understand that vibrations and frequency make up everything in life. In fact, YOU are actually one amazing mass of vibrations, emitting frequency signals so that you appear in the form you are.

The Human You Is an Animated and Temporary Being

There is something animating (rather than keeping alive) your human body. This “something” is referred to as your energetic (and invisible) Universal Life Force Energy Body also known as chi.

The Universal Life Force Energy (or chi) Body lives forever or eternally. The human body is a temporary thought form we use while we experience human life.

Think of the Universal Life Force Energy Body kind of like your physical body’s battery. Compare this body/Universal Life Force Energy body to a battery-powered toy.

When you take the battery out of a battery-operated toy, the toy cannot operate or “animate” because it’s disconnected from its power source. The Universal Life Force Energy Body is the human body’s power source.

Understanding this idea, a human body is not actually alive. Instead it is being animated by the Universal Life Force Energy Body that animates all life forms.  And it connects the brain, mind and physical body all together.

Each human has his or her own “connection” to the Universal Life Force Energy Body. The Universal Life Force Energy body contains many programs within it to sustain and maintain all life. That’s why there are so many natural wellness professions.

Some people naturally perform those natural wellness modalities more masterfully than others.  Referring back to Ned Herrmann’s discover, the brain provides an amazing tool to help you think and create.  Doesn’t it make sense to understand more about the brain, mind, body spirit connection for your own prosperity if it’s the way you are designed anyway?

Once something permanently separates the human body and the Universal Life Force Energy Body, like when your spirit comes out and stays permanently “detached” from your human body, your earth mission ends as a human. But, you continue on as an eternal being once again free of the human body confines and laws of earth gravity.

Using natural methods and techniques, you and I work together in energy sessions. During these sessions I train you to understand how to transform chi blocks keeping you from living in true happiness. Once the chi blocks no longer frustrate your energy fields, you feel free of fear, worry and uncertainty.

Are you pregnant?  Do you want to be pregnant but are stuck in the infertile epidemic?  A series of fertility sessions may help you finally get pregnant.

Are you aging and afraid about the crossing over process?  As a death doula, I can help you understand what will happen when your spirit exits your physical body.  And, I can help the survivors you leave behind gain emotional comfort and reduced mental strain after your passing.

If you feel like you are just marking time instead of living the life of your dreams, you have evidence of these Universal life Force Energy field (also called chi) blocks. Once you know how to transform these energetic blocks from a “lack” form back into a “prosperity” form, you can release them and start living your life dreams.

Give me a call today in the US and Canada at (740) 531-0400 if you’re ready to use your higher consciousness to live in prosperity.  Or email me at [email protected] so we can work together to help you live the life of your dreams!

Uncompensated testimonials about Susan Fox’s intuitive, mind, brain, body, spirit abilities:

“This morning I was thinking that I needed some money to do laundry in the college dorm laundry machines. That was about 11 o’clock. At about 1’oclock Mom called me (Susan) to say she had just put some money in my bank account. She told me that a little earlier around 11 o’clock or so she felt like I had asked her to put some money in the bank for me. I didn’t even use the telephone but she got the message anyway. Thanks, Mom.”

Keenan Fox


“In my personal and professional experience in working with Sue Fox, I have found it to be a very enlightening and enjoyable experience. Her knowledge and expertise in a vast number of areas enhance her teaching skills and ability to project her teachings to her students. I have attended a number of her classes and instructional technique modes and used them often in real life situations. When I first met her I had no idea where she came from. When the students are ready the teacher appears. She certainly brought information applicable and pertinent for my daily life experience and I continue to use it this day. Her integrity and professional approach are excellent. She uses her intuitive nature and skills to resolve issues more quickly than any other practitioner I know.”

Linda C., Painesville, Ohio


“Last May I took Sue’s Jin Shin Jytsu Self help workshop and realized that my energy was very stuck. The more I used this method, the more I realized how out of harmony my body was. I continue to use the techniques, but some days I still need help. On those days, I called Sue and she intuitively looked at my energy fields and found chi blocks keeping me stuck. Sue would guide me through the JSJ flows and would help to relieve the pain or anxiety I was feeling. Sue has helped me many, many times and I am very grateful. JSJ has changed my life. For anyone who is looking for an energy field intuitive who really has the gift of seeing and removing energy and chi blocks, they have found it in Sue Fox. I would highly recommend feeling comfortable using Sue Fox and her abilities to resolve your energy field chi blocks.”

Karen L., Columbia Station, Ohio


“After being an energy field student of Susan Fox’s, I am more aware of my energetic life. I’ve learned how to use the things I’ve learned from her classes and private consultations to tap into my natural ability to heal, genuinely love and improve the quality of my relationships. Recently one of my children went through a nasty divorce. He became a single dad for 4 children. I stepped in and helped them through this devastating experience. I realized I was using energy field training with my grandchildren to calm them during this very stressful time. The things I’ve learned from Susan are not a mindset thing. They are real! Everything really does boil down to knowing how to tap into the energy fields all around us. I highly encourage anyone wanting to learn how to be happy using knowledge of their human energy field to attend any of Susan’s trainings or privately consult with her. It will be one of the best things you’ve ever done in your life!”


Sandy T., Sheffield, Ohio