Self Help Palliative Care

Skill Building Group Training

Why would you want to improve the quality of your life with self-help group training? Understanding the “why” or “the reasons” you want to attend self-help training helps you understand the motivation behind your desire to live happily. After all, with self-help training, you already know you are ready to change something to improve it.

People who are dealing with chronic illness or are getting ready to complete their earth mission naturally want to know what to expect.  In fact, there is an inner voice prompting you to focus on the best way to live your life, even with chronic illness or the end of life event.

if you get ready now for what is every human’s inevitable event, you will not be afraid.  So, don’t be afraid and live in fear; just get ready.

In group training, I talk with my clients about my own near death experiences, my experiences working with Jonathan, Sharon, Tina, Marge, Dad, pets and of course, Jason.  We talk about the motto “be ready instead of be scared.”

If you are “tuned in” to listening to inner promptings encouraging you to “be ready instead of being scared,” you can live an exceptional life quality, even though you are in the process of experiencing end of earth life.

But, if you’re “tuned out” due to various reasons, you may feel like you are just marking time.  You only get to experience this once.  There is no need to be scared, but there is a lot of value in being ready.

Benefits to Being Ready Instead of Being Scared Self Help Group Training

The follow reveals some benefits of attending self help palliative care group training:

  • Feel inspired about your life as it is right now
  • Learn non-narcotic alternative health techniques for pain, stress and tension comfort
  • Understand how to change your thoughts to change your experience
  • Tie up loose ends now so survivors have less stress about dealing with your stuff after you’re gone
  • Learn to be free of fear, worry and uncertainty keeping you stuck or unhappy.
  • Improve your relationships now with people in general

A person can know how to do something but if they feel unmotivated for personal reasons to get help, rarely will they be happy to do what’s necessary to achieve their goal.  Don’t let unnatural fear cause you to linger in pain, stress or tension and/or your end of life process.  Unnatural fear, grudge-holding, anger, spite, misunderstandings, insecurities all cause your brain chemistry to get out of balanced.  Insufficient brain chemistry simply contributes to your pain, stress and tension discomfort.

Why Am I a Qualified Self-Help Trainer?

Since 1988, I’ve focused on attending training to move myself forward in life. In my youth, I spent 14 years as a Girl Scout in Arizona. Girl Scouts gave me self-reliance training missing from a lot of people’s lives today.

Early on, my surrogate sisters and teachers supported me in developing the self-reliant habit. And in that environment I thrived by sharing problem solving with other girls at Girl Scout outings, including summer camp. Girl Scouts helped me develop the “can do” attitude that’s helped me throughout my life.

I have always liked to help people. Being a trainer simply seems to be a part of my nature.

In 1988 I became a certified clinical hypnotist. In 1990 I started intensely studying the dialog between the human brain’s 4 quadrants. To this day I continue to be a brain dialog researcher fascinated by the many thinking strategies I use with clients that lead to an improved quality of life.

In addition to being an Intuitive Inspiration Coach, I am also a Reiki Master Teacher and a Jin Shin Jyutsu Physio Philosopher (

How Have I Put My “Can Do” Attitude to Work?

The following opportunities provided training that still helps me keep moving forward. Maybe you can relate to some of them:

  • 3 near death experiences starting at age two
  • Training as a Medical Assistant, Lab Tech and Phlebotomist
  • First marriage that resulted in a child with severe physical disabilities
  • Surviving the death of my first born child when he was twelve
  • Honorably serving an enlistment in the US Air Force as a pharmacy technician
  • Being a past Red Cross First Aid instructor and a CPR instructor
  • Being trained in homeopathy and using it since 1991
  • Second marriage for 36 years and still going strong
  • Being gifted an unexpected second child after having a tubal ligation cut and cauterized and never having it reversed!
  • Having strong intuitive skills
  • Moving forward after an automobile accident left me unable to walk for quite a while (and being pain free and walking again almost completely using natural wellness methods now)

Some classes (except Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help and Reiki attunements) can qualify you for FREE tuition or funds for your favorite non-profit. Ask for details.

Current group workshops I offer:

Crossing Over Training for General, Non-Medical Caregivers (Being comfortably prepared for natural end of life event)- $150/person or family of 4 or less

Private Crossing Over Instruction for families of pet owners (Being comfortably prepared for natural end of life event)- $150/for family of 4 or less/hour

Crossing Over Training Certification Program (Helping clients be and feel comfortably prepared for natural end of life event)- (Certification program for certified professional clinical consulting hypnotists) $495/person

Personal/private sessions:

Private sessions for chronic pain, stress or tension comfort relief – $150/hour

Private needle phobia, white coat phobia, claustrophobia or medical procedure preparation phobia sessions  – $150/hour

Bringing Personal Messages from Crossed Over Loved Ones – $150/hour – If your crossed over loved one has a message for you, I will deliver it.

Coma Whispering – $150/hour – These sessions are done over Skype.  That way I can work with anyone globally. I consult and instruct the caregiver on self-help, non-medical things to do for the person in coma.