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Testimonial Letter About Susan Fox’s Abilities

8 November 2003

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a lawyer in Arizona who specializes in Elder Law and succession planning for family businesses. This area of the law includes significant support for family dynamics and dealing with the loss of loved ones.

My cases range from young people suddenly passing away to the known and more understandable centurion. However, in each case, regardless of the advance notice of a pending death, the living individuals have a great need to communicate with the decedent.

Fortunately, for me I have access to an individual who has repeatedly assisted grief stricken people by making such a communication available to them. She has been blessed with the ability to receive messages from deceased people, and also to function as a medium so the deceased may communicate with the living. This ability has brought about closure to many people. Sue Fox is the person who has shared this gift with my clients.

People may question whether the communication is conjured or done to simply pacify a greedy individual, but Sue Fox has consistently revealed personal information to the loved one, which she could never have known, thereby confirming the efficacy of communication. Keep in mind, that the decedent only shares what that person desires to share, therefore, Sue can only give what she has received. However, in light of this, Sue has counseled and helped too many people for me to question this skill.

During my lifetime, I have repeatedly observed individuals worrying about a deceased family member or friend. A friend who lost one of her twin children has been greatly consoled to know the child is safe and not lost. Others have just needed an explanation or understanding that the deceased is okay. Confirming this or enabling additional communications with a loved one is so important, that every life is Sue touches is healed and relieved by the experience.

I recommend Sue Fox to any interested party when a loss has affected a person’s ability to “get on with life” or a person just needs to know. She shares this skill knowing their people who question it, and she does so in an exceptionally compassionate way.

Lynn Keeling


September 7, 2003

To Whom it may concern,

I have attended several of Susan Fox’s workshops/ trainings and presentations. Sue is very knowledgeable and professional in your presentations. She uses humor to help everyone get comfortable and explains whatever she is teaching in an easy to comprehend way. She gets her students involved with experiential techniques to assist in the learning process.

I highly recommend her workshops and lectures. In the ones I have attended, it seemed that everyone thoroughly enjoyed learning was Sue and thought that it was time well spent.


Terry S. Ash

 As a Speaker You Motivated Me


Women into Nurturing and Growing Spirit

10 Bruning Road

East Brunswick, NJ 08816

September 5, 2003

Dear Mrs. Fox,

I felt compelled to write to thank you for your truly exceptional presentation at the National Guild of Hypnotists convention. Your well organized, informative and exciting workshop elicited so many positive comments.

As you know, your audience was made up of professional hypnotherapists, counselors, clergy, massage therapists, healers, and lay people. The feedback from all the groups was tremendous. Some of the statements I heard were: “I really was amazed to see how effective hypnosis can be on self esteem and problem solving abilities.” “The demonstration made me realize that this tool can be a very effective strategy.” “The speaker really motivated me to listen and take notice what she was saying and doing.” “I loved the way she used her hands to demonstrate.” “I’m glad the speaker did a group imagery… This way I learned and received an extra benefit to her presentation.”

The National Guild of Hypnotist’s reputation is one of quality. Your presentation could only be improved by your agreeing to return to provide a series of seminars and workshops to continue our education in this wonderful field. You are a truly gifted orator.

Please send me a list of all your topics so my organization can benefit from booking you as our keynote speaker at our next major event.


Dr. Debra J. Taubenslaug

Director, Institute for WINGS



Jin Shin Jyutsu Used To Relieve Tension in Comatose Woman

On March 11, 2009 until March 31, 2009 Tina Bartels, (age 49) stopped taking her medications which resulted in her lapsing into a semi-coma. She was living with a man, Dean, who felt concerned after being unable to wake her up. He called 911. The ambulance took her to Knox County Hospital in Mount Vernon, Ohio. After being admitted into the hospital, she lapsed into a full coma.

Sue Ellyn Wiggand, a mutual friend to me and Tina, called to tell me about Tina’s admittance into the hospital on March 11th. I didn’t really give Sue Ellyn’s call a whole lot of thought because I was busy with other activities.

Sue Ellyn called me a couple more times because she kept visiting Tina in the hospital. Eventually, I consented to coming to visit Tina in the hospital.

When I arrived in Tina’s hospital room, I saw her thrashing about in the bed without opening her eyes. I said hello to her and identified myself.  Tina didn’t consciously respond.

Sue Ellyn asked with me if I could do something aside from pray that God would help her. I told Sue Ellyn that she and I could do Jin Shin Jyutsu. I instructed Sue Ellyn where to place her hands on Tina while I also placed my hands on Tina in specific spots.

Jin Shin Jyutsu is the ancient art of releasing tensions. Sue Ellyn and I simply placed our hands in specific locations to release the tension in Tina’s upper half of her body. We did the 1-HARMONIZING “Individualized” KIDNEY FUNCTION ENERGY Through Unlocking Appropriate “Safety” Energy Locks Located on MAJOR VERTICAL (Supervisor) UNIVERSAL HARMONIZING ENERGY (KIDNEY FUNCTION ENERGY flow) and 2- HARMONIZING “Individualized” LIVER FUNCTION ENERGY Through Unlocking Appropriate “Safety” Energy Locks Located on MAJOR VERTICAL (Supervisor) UNIVERSAL HARMONIZING ENERGY (LIVER FUNCTION ENERGY flow) once.

The next day, Tina regained consciousness.

A Night’s Message in the Life of Susan Fox

I met Susan Fox, a remarkable intelligent woman, at an evening talk she presented at the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) conference in Marlborough, MA. in 2006. Susan made a strong impression on me with the detailed demonstrations she used to display the uniqueness and power of the four very individual points of view of the four human brain quadrants, and how, as a Hypnotist, we could engage and get results most effectively with each brain quadrant viewpoint.

At the end of the conference, I looked forward to seeing Susan at the next NGH Conference. But the four thinking styles of the brain continued to intrigue me, so after the conference I took a course which Susan offered in BrainView Training. Through the BrainView Training course I got to know Susan a little better, and realized that beyond her experience with brain function research, Susan was also well trained in the subtle energy rebalancing work of Jin Shin Jyutsu, and Susan was gifted in her natural talent of psychic connection with those who had passed.

The following year after Susan and I had struck up a friendship, we arranged to share accommodation with friends at the 2007 NGH Conference. The conference proceeded as usual. Then, the evening prior to Susan’s presentation on Saturday morning, only the two of us were in our hotel room. And, something unexpected happened. After preparing to turn in for the evening, Susan had gone to bed. I finished the paperwork I’d been doing, and as I got ready to get into my bed I remember taking a moment to notice the moonlight shining in through the hotel room window was lovely, and felt peaceful after a busy day.

I was about to turn off the lamp near my bed on the nightstand, when I realized that Susan seemed to be talking in her sleep. The words Susan was speaking seemed more than mumbled words, and I thought for a moment that she may have been speaking to me. Susan slowly sat upright, and put her legs over the edge of the bed as she continued speaking quietly. I couldn’t hear clearly what she was saying, so I began to focus on actively listening to the words spoken. I sat forward to make eye contact, but Susan didn’t seem aware of me at all. In fact, as I looked more closely at her, it seemed that Susan was in an altered state. It crossed my mind that perhaps Susan was a sleep-walker, and I looked for signs to see if that might be true.

Susan’s body appeared to be ‘in neutral’ and that while it was Susan was speaking, it seemed to me that Susan acted unaware of speaking or taking any action. She did not show any sign of consciousness, yet the oddest part to me was what Susan seemed to be saying. The words were spoken by Susan, but also seemed to be from another person or persons unseen. The words were not random, but rather a disjointed conversation with people invisible to me.

I realized at this point that Susan was saying clearly she wanted to leave. To leave now. There was a delay then the reply came that she was not to go. Susan insisted that it was too much, that she had done all she could do on her own. The reply came again that it was not time, and she (Susan) had more to do. More silence. And that she could do it. I think she asked for help, but there was no clear reply.

Words which floated out into the room were without any seeming emotional intensity. As I realized the meaning of the words, I felt uncomfortable, like a trespasser in witnessing such a personal exchange as what was unfolding before me.

It seemed that more time passed than the words I can remember hearing might have actually taken to speak. But the feeling in the room was altered – and even after the words stopped the altered feeling continued. Susan also continued to seem to be unaware of her surroundings in the hotel room.

After a few minutes of silence when I asked Susan if she was all right, she seemed to come back fully into the focus of the room we were in. She said yes she was all right. Susan seemed to wonder how she had gotten to be on the edge of the bed, and she asked if she had been speaking out loud. When I said she had seemed to be having a conversation with others I could not see, she explained it had already been a challenging year, and told me a few personal details which helped to make sense of what I had heard.

We talked for a while of how people receive information from their spirit, guardian angels, or wise mind. When we had talked for a time, and the space around us seemed normal and peaceful again, we both went to our respective beds, and the night passed without further incident.

Janice Smylie, Ph.D.

Susan Knew My Mom Had Crossed Over Before I Told Her

I met Susan Fox at an event in 2008 that another friend was hosting in the fall after my mother’s death. Susan was the guest speaker on Ho’Oponopono. Ho’ponopono is a Hawaiian prayer technique used by thousands of people to bring peace and healing to them. I had never heard of Ho’Oponopono and was curious to know more. Little did I know that decision would change my life forever.

My mom had died of breast cancer the year before and as I watched her health deteriorate, I wanted to know if there was another way to heal the body without using traditional Western medicine. Following my mom’s death, I felt a strong need to embark on a new spiritual journey that could answer these questions and many more.

I was a “newbie” on my spiritual journey when I met Susan and still wasn’t sure what I believed at that point in time. I had been raised by Christian parents and grandparents that had passed on strong Christian beliefs to me; and I was unwilling to ignore those beliefs. I had considered trying to connect with my mom in spirit world prior to meeting Susan, but I was still too scared and not certain that it was all real.

Following Susan’s presentation, I approached her to ask a question. She answered my question and then asked me a few questions. Then she unexpectedly said to me, “Your mom is here in this room right now and she is standing next to you with her arm around your shoulders.” I was in complete shock because I never told her my mom was dead.

I didn’t know what to say. Susan asked me if I wanted to know what my mom wanted to say to me. I remember thinking “Is this real?” I slowly said, “Yes…” (with much hesitation).

I don’t recall exactly what Susan said next, but it was something like, “Your mom says she loves you very much and wants you to let go of the pain of her death and move on with your life.” I was in complete shock because this is something I would “expect” my mom to say.

Then Susan had to leave the room to go outside and get something from her car. I was still trying to decide if what Susan had said to me was real or not, when Susan returned to the room and said to me, “Your mother has more to say, do you want to hear it?” I spent the next 15 minutes listening to things my mom wanted me to know…. all through Susan.

When Susan was finished I was in such “complete peace” and overcome with joy because I knew I had let go of my pain about mom dying and moved on. I had never experienced anything like that before and it had happened so spontaneously that I did not have much time to comprehend what was happening until it was over.

Susan taught me a simple technique for talking with my mom. It requires you to center your mind and heart into a peaceful, loving memory first. Then, you place your hands palm up in your lap. Susan talks with the deceased loved one and sets up a simple way of communicating between the living person and the deceased loved one.

Susan asked my mom to answer simple yes or no questions by waving her spirit hands over my physical hands. I would ask a question following Susan’s system then mom would answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ according to Susan’s simple technique. I quickly could feel the energy changes over my hands as mom answered. And, I knew without a doubt that it was mom doing it. Susan also set up a symbol between me and my mom. When I see that symbol, I know it is Mom talking to me.

Somehow Susan can hear and see them. I don’t know how she does it but beyond any doubt, I know she can do it.

There was no doubt in my mind following that day that I could indeed talk to my mom… and it would be real. Since that day, I have talked to my mom in spirit world countless times. She sometimes comes to me in my dreams or sometimes through a bird or small animal that I see in my yard. I will say to the animal, “Hi mom, I see you!” to let her know that I acknowledge she is around me.

I never talk to the rest of my family about these things because they would probably have me locked up! I still miss my mom every day, but it does bring me much comfort to know she is so close and I can talk to her whenever I want.

This is a gift that Susan introduced me to and something that helped me get past my fear of “communicating with dead people!” I will forever be grateful to Susan for her amazing abilities.

Denise Musser


No longer feel alone.  You can receive messages from your Guardian Angel or your crossed over loved one by clicking either of these links.