Your Creative Brain

Your brain carries on conversations with every physical body part and all its systems 24/7. Did you know that your human brain contains the equivalent of 4 basic living software programs? I call them thoughtware programs because we activate them using thought. Using these 4 basic ways of interpreting life situations, you make sense of your life situations and relationships.

By working with these 4 basic brain viewpoints as you communicate, you feel inspired and motivated to move forward during life.  You understand yourself and others more clearly so you can be free of fear, worry and uncertainty.

You feel driven and sometimes compelled to live according to your brain’s viewpoints.  And we cannot live without them.  Since they are already here and available to help you excel, doesn’t it make sense to find out more about how to use your brain’s 4 viewpoints to live in completely prosperity?

Luckily, there is a way to understand the individual thinking characteristics of each of your brain’s 4 basic programs and their blended versions as well. That’s what I do with my students and clients. We identify your life viewpoints, thinking patterns and habits you are predominantly using. Then, we find ways to improve on what’s good to make things even better.  The end result?  You feel inspired, confident and engaged in your life situations and in your relationships.

The more you focus on using thought patterns, habits and beliefs that work for you, the more you build those skills. Soon you simply stop focusing on and using viewpoints that sabotage your true happiness.

You can improve all your interpersonal and inner relationships when you understand how and start using to your benefit your brain’s 4 basic human ‘ways of knowing’ work. The research I’ve based my thinking pattern techniques, methods and strategies on come mainly from Ned Herrmann’s life work as he explains it in his book called The Creative Brain.

Understanding and using these 4 basic thinking intentions you can connect or disconnect in your relationships. You can release yourself from fears, worry and the uncertainties in your life. And you can get the answers and solutions to your life’s most perplexing challenges by first understanding your brain’s communication programs.

The brain’s 4 thinking preferences can be divided into 4 simple predominant desires, namely:

From the left brain



From the right brain

Feeling feelings and developing relationships

Feeling appreciated and acknowledged as valuable for creative contributions

When you work with me in a session, here’s what will happen.

First, we’ll review the issues you want to change in your life.

Second, I’ll explain different approaches by asking specific questions you could use to resolve your issues.

Third, as I listen to your responses or reactions, I can quickly tell which viewpoints are working for you and which ones are holding you back in life.

Fourth, I’ll ask you to start using some natural thinking strategies and energy release techniques.

Fifth, at the end of the session, the most common result will initially be you’ll feel lighter, calmer and as though there is hope for the issues now. However, everyone is unique and you will react or respond according to your unique style.

I may give you homework and will expect you to do it if you are serious about improving your life quality. If you procrastinate on doing the homework, this indicates there are more issues to be worked on before you can move forward. That is completely all right and we will work on them in another session.

I am and Intuitive Inspiration Coach rather than a therapist. I can recommend a therapist to you if that is necessary. We’ll talk about that in the session, too.

If you are already involved in palliative care or are caring for a loved one in coma or vegetative state, this article may be interesting to you:

I believe in you and in your desire to optimistically move forward in your life. Together we can make a great team to help you build your personal development skills. Using these skills you can manifest true happiness into your physical world relationships.

Please contact me and let’s get started working together. You can reach me at [email protected] or in the US and Canada by leaving me a message at (740) 531-0400. I look forward to hearing from you soon.