Hypnotic Script Writing Secrets And Other Hypnosis Tips The Masters Use

Hypnotic Script Writing Secrets And Other Hypnosis Tips The Masters Use

You are a new or seasoned consulting hypnotist or hypnotherapist. You want to suggest dynamite hypnotic suggestions in your own scripts. But it would really be nice to have the benefit of an “old timer” as you write out your scripts. Enter Hypnotic Script-Writing Secrets and Other Hypnosis Tips The Masters Use.

Susan Fox started writing hypnosis scripts in 1988. After writing 33 professional hypnosis application programs and books, she decided to include some of her best hypnosis script-writing secrets in this book.

Formal hypnosis scripts come in three parts. Do you know what those three parts are called?

Do you know what a bind and double bind are? Do you know the disadvantages of using homophones and homonyms in hypnosis scripts? Did you know how symbols can improve your script? Want to find the answer to these and other burning questions about formally writing hypnosis scripts that help clients experience exceptional transformations? If so you want to get this amazing script-writing book.

This book, the same one sold by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) helps you tremendously improve your hypnotic script-writing. Susan Fox, internationally known hypnotic script-writing expert shares her incredible secrets for effective script-writing in this book. If you’ve read her column in the NGH professional journal, you already know she focuses on the meat of the matter in her books. At only $32.95 USD this book is a steal. Get your copy instantly and dive into this download today as you discover how to write scripts that really pop! For practitioners only.

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