The Control Panel Technique

The Control Panel Technique

How Can The Control Panel Technique Give Your Clients Natural Pain Relief?

Did you know that the most successful consulting hypnotists are the ones that know and can use many different hypnosis methods and techniques?  How prepared are you to meet and surpass your clients’ many challenges? The Control Panel Technique helps clients use the power of their own mind to manage pain, focus, concentration skills, worry, just about any thought-based, self-limiting habit. 

Several different cutting edge hypnosis techniques ensure you are fully prepared to guide your clients to successful challenge resolution.  Once again Susan Fox helps her colleagues in her phenomenally explicit The Control Panel Technique.

The Control Panel Technique Helps You Feel Empowered

Contained in this thoroughly explained ebook you get hypnosis scripts that can help return wellness harmony to the physical body.  She uses her personal ‘hot gall bladder’ experience to show how it all works. Imagine what it would feel like to be more empowered, confident and happy.  What would that be like for you and your clients?

As an added bonus, she shows you how to work with chronic pain.

Going the extra mile for you, she jam packs The Control Panel Technique with a prosperity attracting script. This easy to read book for professional hypnotists is a great addition for your weight loss and stop smoking clients, too.

And, as a final bonus, she reveals a unique case where a teen-aged client suffering from dyslexia and manic depression used The Control Panel Technique to shut off the head noise distracting him from doing well in school.  You’ll love discovering how she describes how he successfully helped himself in school using a clever ideomotor response mechanism.  It is PURE genius.  Just added is a script using The Control Panel Technique for Cancer Clients. At only $29.95 USD this ebook is a MUST HAVE steal for your hypnosis training library. For practitioners only.


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3 Happiness Coaching Sessions Package
3 Happiness Coaching Sessions Package

3 Happiness Coaching Sessions Package – save $50! Invest in yourself today!

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