Pain, Stress and Tension Comfort

Pain, Stress and Tension Comfort – Hypnotic Scripts for Professional Hypnotists

Naturally Create Pain, Stress and Tension Comfort Using Mind Power

You know what’s unacceptably hard?  Relentlessly suffering in pain.  Your body feels trapped in misery. You’re worn beyond words.  Every movement is an effort!  At night you may only sleep in spurts even though you’re exhausted.  Not only does your body hurt constantly, your painkillers only work some of the time!

The exorbitant monthly prescription bill torments your wallet adding insult to injury. How does regularly renewing your prescription provide a long-lasting, realistic pain solution?  This answer is, IT DOESN’T!  You know what DOES effectively help clients naturally eliminate or reduce pain?  Mind power!

The hypnotic scripts written in Pain, Stress and Tension Comfort provide compelling suggestions that release pain’s grip from your client’s mind and body.  As their beloved hypnotist, you use the scripts and your hypnotically soothing voice to compassionately guide clients to gentle relief.  You’ll secretly love the feeling of knowing your expertise brought life and freedom back into their bodies.  Give your clients the relief they’ve been longing to find in Pain, Stress and Tension Comfort.

These are the titles and techniques you’ll find in this book’s ten scripts:

·        Accepting Comfort and Relief – Ideomotor Response Technique

·        All Together Now– Different Hats Technique

·        Allowing Your Life to Be Good– Anchoring Technique

·        Allowing Yourself to Be Physically Comfortable – Inner Wisdom Technique

·        Asking For and Receiving Help – Inner Wisdom Technique

·        Pain Relief Can Come Instantly Or Over Time – Color Modality Technique

·        Comfort and Pain Relief On Your Own Terms – Sliding Scale Technique

·        Releasing Negativity – Inner Wisdom Technique

·        Unlocking Pain and Tension – Lock and Key Technique

·        Unraveling Pain, Tension and Stress – Yarn Ball Technique (Metaphysical)

Contains a bonus section of positive affirmations custom created for each of the 10 scripts in this fantastic book.  Improve your skill for natural pain, stress and tension relief learning each of the individual techniques in the scripts.  You have GOT to have this book of scripts!  A steal at the price!

Susan Fox is one of the profession’s top script writers. She has delivered once again with Pain, Stress and Tension Comfort Techniques.  Chock full of manifesting techniques and resources for delivering relief from feelings associated with pain and stress, this book is a good investment for any hypnosis professional.
– Constance Grant, Consulting Hypnotist, Canada

Susan’s wealth of knowledge and professional experience gives her the ability to craft gentle, simple yet powerful scripts that will appeal to both the newly qualified and the more experienced hypnotherapist.    Leslie Bonnick, Hypnotherapist, UK

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