3 Happiness Coaching Sessions Package


3 Happiness Coaching Sessions Package – save $50! Invest in yourself today!


Investing in building and developing personal skills takes training. Training takes time. By choosing to take time to build your personal skills, you create a life skills tool kit. If you are interested in genuine happiness, YOU are the one that makes it happen.

Remember when you were a young child? The world amazed you. Things got better as you developed skills to experience success more often. Imagine this scenario…

At first, you don’t care to change things having your parents do all the hard lifting. Take shoe tying for example…

At age two, happiness seemed like Mom or Dad doing all your shoe tying. Or perhaps, an older sibling tied your shoes. Somebody else doing the mundane task of tying your shoes seemed to be relatively unimportant until one day, you wanted to quickly go outside and play.

Something ignited within you. You decided it was time you wanted to tie your own shoes.

Happiness Is Building Simple Skills You Can Use Throughout Life

At first, you failed miserably at tying your shoes. Being unable to tie your shoes was the opposite of happiness. We all love to feel able and capable.

You might have even felt “not good enough.” But believing you were unworthy of or undeserving of life success was simply a child processing the event using incomplete or inaccurate knowledge.

As you aged and matured, someone showed you how to tie your shoes. Eventually happiness meant being masterful at shoe tying. Oh, what a heady feeling it is to be self-reliant, capable, free to achieve your life goals and live your dreams.

First, you clumsily tied your shoes. If you knew that at first we ALL clumsily tie our shoes, you’d feel better… not so alone. But you probably didn’t.

If you knew what cursing was, you cursed yourself. If your parents taught you to curse upon ineffectively or inefficiently developing skills, you developed the habit of cursing yourself unless you do everything perfectly the first time out. What a mind trick that was!

But that is unrealistic. We ALL go through learning curves. Learning curves eventually even out over time.

When you and I work together, it usually takes more than one training session to develop your personal skills.  For this reason, I’ve created a multiple package happiness session. By paying for more than one training session at a time, you save $50.

I’m looking forward to watching you feel really good about yourself. As we work together, you’ll get the training you need to be who you want to be.. and you’ll do it on your own terms…to do what you want to do… as the real you… as the person you truly are.

Being a success starts by first knowing how to THINK like a success. Let’s work together so you can transform and release your learned, self-limiting or self-sabotaging thought habits. They are based on opinions that hold you back and cause you pain.

You no longer need to be stuck in pain!  Instead, be happy. Be you. Contact me today. Save yourself $50 and invest in yourself today for a truly happier tomorrow.