The 60 Second Stress Reduction Technique



One afternoon, I stepped onto a 40-passenger shuttle flight back to Ohio after attending the annual National Guild Of Hypnotist’s convention. After boarding the plane, I stepped into the back and handed my business card to the flight attendant while simultaneously saying, “Hi.  My name is Susan Fox.  I’m a certified hypnotist.  I specialize in teaching people the 60 second stress reduction technique.  If anyone on the plane seems to feel nervous about flying, please know that I can help him or her feel calmer while on the flight.”

She said while glancing at my business card, “Thanks.  I appreciate that.”

I continued, “Do you ever experience any stress?”

She looked at me and burst out laughing while sarcastically responding.  “No!  Never!”

“Well, would you like to learn a really quick technique to reduce your stress?  After we take off and you have a few minutes, come on up to my bulkhead seat and I’ll show you.”

“Okay.  Thanks!” she said.

Within 20 minutes of the plane taking off, the flight attendant came up to my seat.  The small plane had no movie playing.  So, I was free edutainment for the passengers and flight attendant.

The flight attendant, wearing her skirted suit, knelt down by my aisle seat.  As I started instructing her, other passengers were craning their necks to watch.  What a show I was!

The flight attendant closed her eyes as I quickly guided her into a pleasant hypnotic mind state.  She easily hypnotized herself following my instructions.

She lay her right hand on her right thigh.  Then, she lifted up her index finger. Following my instructions into deep relaxation, those of us who could see her hand watched as it gently floated down until it touched down on her thigh.

At the end of those speedy 60 seconds, she popped her eyes open and exclaimed, “It worked!  I feel great!”

I congratulated her on using the power of her mind to reduce her stress levels.  As we concluded our mini hypnosis session, she returned to the back of the plane and to the other flight attendant.  After she was gone, passengers around me asked how they could learn the technique.

I started teaching the technique to a few of the passengers around me before we landed.  When I got home, I decided to record the program for others to use. Now anyone can get a copy of the 60 Second Stress Reduction Technique.

the 60 second stress reduction technique
60 Second Stress Reduction Technique Daily Audio CD Cover


Want to benefit from the 60 second stress reduction technique?  It’s easy, simple and fast!

Do you only have sixty seconds to reduce your stress?  Then this technique will work for you.  It works great for business people, overwhelmed Moms and Dads, friends, children, virtually anyone!

Here’s what you get in this creative program you can use virtually anywhere.

  • 60 Second Stress Reduction Technique Training Program
  • 60 Second Stress Reduction Technique Daily Audio

How To Use This Self-Hypnosis Training Program:

Download your two MP3 file program.  First, listen to the 60 Second Stress Reduction Technique Training Program.  This MP3 program instructs you on how to use the power of your own mind to reduce stress in only 60 seconds.  The training MP3 does last more than 60 seconds while you train your mind on the technique.

After you get trained on how to use the technique, you no longer need to listen to the training program.  You simply switch to listening to the 60 Second Stress Reduction Technique Daily Audio.  You can listen to the Daily Audio every day until you simply feel comfortable using the technique from memory.  Nothing could be faster or simpler to reduce your stress.

There is no risk to getting your own copy of the 60 Second Stress Reduction Technique. If within 30 days of buying and using the program, you get absolutely no stress relief benefit from it, just email me and tell me about your experience.  I’ll gladly refund your purchase price, no questions asked.

Get Stress Relief in Only 60 Seconds.  Really!

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