Basic Dowsing Kit


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Basic Dowsing Kit

Using your intuition, you can develop the skill of dowsing.  This kit contains the tools you need to be a great chakra system dowser.

Why Would You Want to Develop Your Dowsing Skills?

Dowsing uses your intuition.  Most people are unable to “see” what’s happening around them using their natural intuitive skills.  But when you develop dowsing, the basic L-rods help you become attracted to the magnetic balances and imbalances in your aura.

Feeling sick?  Passive?  Unloved?  Alone?  Every feeling you feel can be dowsed in your aura.  When you discover self-limiting or self-sabotaging thought patterns keeping you from living in abundance, you can actually release, rebuild and transform them back into harmony.

Develop Your Dowsing Skills

Kit contains 2 charts, 2 pair of L-rods, 4 index cards to dowse your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy fields and a jacket to carry all the items in the kit.  Price includes shipping in the US only.

Don’t know a qualified dowsing instructor in your area?  Contact the American Society of Dowsers for a dowser nearest you.

For a basic dowsing class, I can instruct you over Skype.  Please see my tab Self Help Group Training for class rates.  Email me at [email protected] with your questions or in the US and Canada, give me a call at (740) 531-0400.


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