Chakra Chart Relevant to the Aura


Chakra Chart relevant to the human aura.

If you are an energy worker, you’ll love this chart.  Use it to clear chi blocks in your aura or your client’s auras.  Just follow the information on the chart. Price includes shipping to those living in US only.


Chakra Chart Relevant to the Aura

You think.  You speak.  You create.

You interpret your thoughts with your brain.  When we think, we affect our aura.  Sometimes we affect our aura in a self-limiting or self-sabotaging way.  For understanding where issues are accumulating in the chakra system, the Chakra Chart Relevant to the Aura is tops!  Once you know where you’re blocking your happiness, through energy release you can restore it back into your life.

Two Sided Chart

One side of the Chakra Chart Relevant to the Aura shows where the 7 main chakra centers are in your body.  The back of the chart explains what’s happening in the aura relative to your body’s chakra system.  If you understand how to use Chakra RRT(TM) then these charts become even more valuable.

If you are unaware of the Chakra RRT(TM) method of clearing chi blocks, you can use the Chakra Chart Relevant to the Aura to use sound to clear your chakras.  Cleared chakras make for a calmer, more prosperous life.

Purchased with the basic dowsing kit, you have a great set of tools for dowsing chi blocks.  Questions about dowsing?  Email me at [email protected] and let’s talk!

I created these charts which are only available from me.  I wanted them to be affordable. Thus, the very affordable price.  Price includes shipping to people who live in the US only.

If you are a metaphysician, you will find the Chakra Chart Relevant to the Aura very handy in the chakra clearing work that you do.  Or, if you are just learning about the energy centers in your body, this chart is a valuable resource for you.

Everything in your body is connect by energy.  The Chakras are energy centers.  When you feel “out of balance” or “unlike yourself,”  blocked chakras are sure to be part of the problem.  Get your personal chakra chart today.