Chicken Soup Can Wait – Audio Version



The French Philosopher, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, created the famous quote, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”  In keeping with this idea, when people start to cross over, they often experience unusual spiritual events. Chicken Soup Can Wait – Audio version tells the story of Leslie Goodwin receiving near death communications from crossed over loved ones.

Having lots of experience working with clients in the end-of-life process, many clients tell me they see or hear loved ones calling to them from the other side.  Unprepared to cope with a loved one’s near death experience of seeing/hearing crossed over loved ones communicate?  This story gives you a glimpse of what your loved one’s experience can be so you can support them during this crucial time of life.

As Bill and Judy Guggenheim’s book Hello From Heaven reveals, after death communication is commonplace. If you are caregiving for someone also on narcotic pain drugs, does trying to figure out if your loved one is hallucinating really matter?  Or, is it more important for you to contribute to a happy memory in the experience inescapable for anyone?

The less stressful you can make the end-of-life experience for your loved one, the better, don’t you agree?  When Jason was dying, I walked by his bedroom one day.  He was on narcotic pain drugs.  I wondered why he was stuffing candy corn into an orange flavored frozen popsicle in a sleeve.  When I asked him, he said, “Because it tastes good, Mom.”

I laughed but just shrugged it off.  He might have possibly been hallucinating at times due to the morphine.  But, the thing that was more important to me was supporting him.  Being a non-judgmental listener was one thing I could do to accept and work with this one life event totally out of my control.

As I provide death doula services to my clients, this is the same recommendation I offer to survivors.  Don’t judge your loved one as crazy if they say they are receiving near death communications from those on the other side.  Just listen with a non-judgmental, non-critical heart.  It will bring you and your loved more peace than you can imagine.  Chicken Soup Can Wait gives you a look into what life is for your loved one enthralled in this amazing experience.

Get your copy today.  Support your loved ones the best you can as they cross over.  Don’t be scared.  Instead, be prepared for what might happen and just go with it!