Feeling Safe Being Me Now!


Professional hypnotists, help your clients release themselves from their inner child traumas with the exciting discoveries in this book.  Fast release techniques and helpful information about co-dependency and how to work with it inspires you in the work you do.  Get your copy today!

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Feeling Safe Being Me Now!


What a wonderful destiny to regularly live in infinite affluence. Believe it or not, that is YOUR destiny, if you so choose. If you are not currently living in the happiest of situation, what might be holding you back?

Some people are consciously stuck living in a secret, past childhood sort of trauma hell. They feel anchored down believing they have to “perform” to “be loved.”

They feel mentally stuck in financial and relationship lack due to unresolved unworthiness or undeservingness issues. Those feeling unworthy to be respected for who they are, live in fear, worry and uncertainty. These “lack” attitudes and memories often stem from unhappy childhood experiences. Unhappy childhood memories can be referred to as inner child trauma experiences.

People mentally stuck in inner child issues stop themselves from getting a better job, being in a genuinely loving relationship, feeling respected, welcomed, wanted and genuinely loved for who they are. And much more. They rarely allow themselves to live their dreams.

Luckily, even the most challenging childhood trauma memories can be reframed, released and transformed. As a professional hypnotist, you use your expertise to help your clients resolve these inner child issues. So, of course, getting all the training you need to help them do it is vital to your success and their success.

If your clients struggle to live their dream life, inner child issues may be holding them back. In Feeling Safe To Be Me Now! you’ll discover information about co-dependency, inner child trauma, release, rebuild and transformation techniques and more.

Explicitly described release techniques including Chakra RRT™ help you guide your client to unveil how to work with inner child issues and gain mental freedom and peace of mind. After working with thousands of clients since 1988, I’ve collected in this book some of my best tips, strategies and ideas to help people feeling alone, abandoned and mentally stuck in the past to come out into the peaceful “now” moment.

Also included is a script demonstrating personal use of the Chakra RRT™ technique which releases stuck negative emotional energy keeping trauma memories “alive.” I encourage you to get this book today. Included within is a unique and life-changing way to ego strengthen after a client session. Instead of using affirmations, you’ll be inspired to use a new and different way to help your client program his or her mind for success.

Interested in transforming core, self-limiting or self-sabotaging beliefs? Information and techniques in this book help you or your clients naturally cope with fear, worry and uncertainty.

A priceless resource for any professional hypnotist, this book needs to be in your resource library. Download your book today. Start learning what your inner child has been missing to comfortably believe there is a way to finally “feel safe to be me now.”



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