Graphic Arts – 15 Minutes


Product Description

You have a unique message to convey. Try as you may, words do little justice to convey a meaningful idea to the receiver of your idea. Graphics fill the communication gap for expressing deep meaning. Why do graphics make such a huge difference when you want to get your point across?

When you see an image in your mind, it’s easier to imagine how you want a situation or idea to appear in your physical world. But putting a mind image down on paper or on a blinking computer document can’t be done. So, we use pictures instead.

Television, newspapers, magazines and other communication media put music and pictures to an idea. A graphic picture makes an idea real. When we can share the mind images in such a way that they really touch someone, they feel the message. Graphics help your audience FEEL what you feel about a cause, message or mission. If you want to get your point across, graphics makes the difference.

As a father looking lovingly in the eyes of your new baby, how do you convey the love in your heart for your loved one? You do it by using a picture. Then, you add meaningful words, numbers, symbols so that the receiver of your message, in this case your daughter, FEELS what you feel.

Imagine your daughter as she grows up. Through pictures on her birthday, during victories over life challenges, when she feels sad and alone, when she’s achieved important goals, conveying your feelings of fatherly love and pride along the way make graphics a great memory book.

As a business owner, picture wanting to show appreciation to your loyal customers through an image expressing gratitude for their continued business. When you take the time to develop a lasting relationship with your customers, and make them feel welcome and wanted at your business, it makes a lasting impression that you really care for them. This can be done using pictures.

Together we make a great team planning out your graphic arts project. Contact me today for a memorable result conveying your message. Connect with me through email at or in the US and Canada leave a message 24 hours a day at (740) 531-0400.


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