The Personal Transformation Story of Wayne McClelland’s Stroke Recovery



The Personal Transformation Story of Wayne McClelland’s Stroke Recovery


In July 2017, Wayne McClelland quite unexpectedly began experiencing a personal transformation. Over several month’s time, a slow yet certain decline toward his own death provided an opportunity for him to receive life-saving miracles. Silently, his left carotid veins and arteries completely filled with plaque and toxic substances. His right carotid artery and veins also filled up. (See the x-ray of Wayne’s completely blocked, left carotid artery.)


Wayne McClelland

A Caregiving Personal Transformation

In addition to using traditional medical options, Wayne’s wife Jan unexpectedly became a major presence in also providing non-medical, energy movement techniques for him as his stroke story became more and more real. Wayne’s stroke also provided a personal transformation opportunity for Jan. Naturally supportive to helping him recover, she took a stance. The thing she credits for saving Wayne’s life? Several miracles.

Purpose.  That’s what drives us.  When we have purpose in our lives, and let it passionately drive us, we feel deeply happy. This book, based on actual events taken to save Wayne McClelland’s life during his stroke experience, gives other stroke recovery experiencers hope.  Using natural health techniques to clear energy blocks silently and invisibly stealing Wayne’s life, several unbelievable miracles took place.

Are you involved in stroke recovery? Feel frustrated about finding something more?  Consider natural, alternative health techniques. Energy work is the wave of the future. You CAN learn how to use energy techniques to clear energy blocks with your loved one recovering from stroke.  It begins by being open to the possibility of miracles.

Wayne McClelland is a Canadian Navy military veteran.  Susan Fox, Energy Block Coach, is an American Air Force military veteran.  At the end of each year, all profits from the sale of this book will be divided equally between two charities that support military veterans.  For Canada, profits will go to The Royal Canadian Legion Poppy Fund. For America, profits will go to Disabled American Veterans. Please consider thanking the military veterans in your country for their time, sacrifice and service to keep your country free. Download your own copy of this book.  Thank you.

Listen to the interview with Jan McClelland on the Embrace Your Power show with Gale Glassner and Janet Zipper. Hear Wayne’s wife share this incredible miracle story of stroke recovery using alternative health technology. In support of and working with traditional medical professionals, Susan coached Jan to use Jin Shin Jyutsu ( to release tension spots throughout Wayne’s body.  Click this link to hear the astonishing podcast now!


McClelland testimonials:

I was absolutely stunned when Wayne’s doctor alluded to me that there was little to no hope of recovery – the nature of the stroke had precluded use of the clot busting drug, and – news to me the day of his stroke – Wayne’s left carotid artery was 100% blocked, and the clot ran the length of his neck; eliminating surgery as an option.  The only hope was drug therapy, which they hoped would limit the damage; the specialist our family doctor had consulted with wasn’t sure the drugs would have any effect, and my impression of what I was told was that this stroke was a one way street. All downhill.

At the end of that first long day, I quietly let a few friends know via private message and email about the stroke (our son had been on the phone most of the day notifying family) that ended with a simple request – “Ask for a miracle.” One of my good friends asked if she could post in a couple of groups, on my behalf, for healing to be sent our way and I agreed. Susan Fox, a complementary medicine stress management specialist in Ohio, contacted me a few days after the stroke, asking if I would be open to an alternative health method that naturally reduces stress for people in stroke. Susan contacting me was one of those miracles. I had never posted anything on Facebook about Wayne having the stroke, and she is not a member of either of the groups my friend did post in – so how did she learn that we needed her help?  I instantly said yes – I have a background in energy healing myself and know the power that our bodies have to heal, given the right tools. Susan coached me on what to do to start healing and reopening the energy pathways in Wayne’s body. It was wonderful to see him respond with improved movement and speech, many times within just a couple of hours of having worked with him following Susan’s coaching. Wayne never completely lost his cognitive ability but his speech was basically reduced to ‘yes’ and ‘no’ for several days. His ability to communicate improved virtually every day even though the brain damage also caused aphasia.

The methods Susan uses are non-invasive, simple to carry out, and amazingly effective. The results are impressive. If you need help with pain or stress and tension relief please do your body good and contact her.  You can read her blog and other testimonials at  She’s done some incredible work.

Janice McClelland

Caregiver (and Wife) for Wayne McClelland after his stroke

Manitoba, Canada



I had a stroke. Things went from bad to worse; the doctors didn’t sound encouraging.  I was dying and even if the doctors could prevent that, their ‘best case’ scenario wasn’t much to look forward to. Somehow through Facebook this lady in the US learned of the stroke, contacted Jan and started instructing her on how to help me. I couldn’t believe that I felt different – in a good way! –  after Jan had done nothing more than touch different parts of my body.  She says only a short time passed, sometimes only hours before there would be noticeable improvements, sometimes in movement, sometimes in my speech.  I didn’t really understand what she was doing, or what ‘it’ was doing for me but on some level I knew it was important and would even remind Jan to do the energy work if it looked like she was going to leave for the day and we hadn’t done it.  I am grateful Susan helped me and is still helping me.  I recommend Susan to anyone who needs help using alternative health methods for stroke recovery.

Wayne (Kenneth) McClelland

Stroke victim and recovering stroke miracle

Manitoba, Canada