Here are resources I recommend.

For one-on-one hypnosis consultation, I recommend Janice Smylie.  She specializes in using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for natural stress reduction and core issue transformation.  If you’ve grown up thinking in self-limiting and/or self-sabotaging ways, you’ve created mental energy blocks. Clear energy blocks using hypnosis and EFT and you feel better.  Janice is tops in what she does.  I highly recommend her help for naturally feeling calm. She is located in Canada and will do sessions on site, by telephone or over Skype.  You can visit her website at   Please tell her I recommended you consult with her.

If you’d like to read some articles I’ve written on various topics, please go to my link at Ezine Articles and/or my expert page on  Here are the links:

For my website on manifesting and gratitude ideas, please go here:

Charities I recommend:

Wigs for Kids is a non-profit charity that creates human hair wigs for children losing their hair due to chemotherapy or other diseases and disorders.

Another charity I recommend is Disabled American Veterans.  Please check them out.  They give a very large percentage of your donation to those who have served America to help keep it free.

This organization is called a memorial society.  They refer to themselves now as Funeral Consumer’s Alliance.  My husband and I joined this organization when Jason needed end of life burial services.  This organization is run all by volunteers.  Your membership fee (if there is one in your state) goes strictly to keep the office doors open and lights on.  They helped us navigate through all the details of burial for Jason with dignity and affordability.  They have local contracts with funeral homes and so burial or cremation expenses are much less costly to you.