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A Crash Course in Creating Hypnotic Scripting Metaphors For Client Transformations

A Crash Course in Creating Hypnotic Scripting Metaphors For Client Transformations

Do you struggle to understand client metaphors?

I felt like my son’s pediatrician had punched me in the gut when she said my twelve-year-old son Jason was dying.  After the doctor visit, I obsessively repeated in my head, “he will be dead.”  I couldn’t stop focusing on feeling hopeless and on a mental image of his aorta exploding into smithereens.
How was I making myself feel stuck?  By focusing on a self-sabotaging metaphor.  Clients do just that.  They mentally focus on what they can’t do.

Know how you love seeing those “Aha!” client moments when they get it?  A Crash Course in Creating Hypnotic Scripting Metaphors for Client Transformation holds the key to helping your client unlock their mental stuckedness.

  • Discover how to help clients clearly identify and transform self-limiting metaphors using this book’s in-depth training.
  • Unearth how to make known to your clients the real intention behind the metaphor.
  • Once your client knows the metaphor’s self-limiting intention, he or she can easily transform and release it.

This book’s simple 3-step process reveals how your client illogically links thoughts which no longer provide him or her value.  When clients discover there is no personal value of continuing to live according to the metaphor, the self-limiting behavior vanishes.

National Guild of Hypnotist (NGH) members can save about $1000 in travel costs by taking the course via email.  Complete the homework and get 15 CEU credits.  And get Susan’s unlimited email support while taking the course.  Wow!  What a value?

Here’s what one person says about the book:
I’m the type of person who likes to get repeatable, predictable results from using a process.  When it comes to Susan’s A Crash Course in Creating Hypnotic Scripting Metaphors for Client Transformation, you’ll love her 3-step process for identifying a client’s metaphor.  Metaphors express beliefs that keep clients trapped in indecision, overwhelm, fear, worry, PTSD flashbacks and generally stuck in life.  That’s why knowing how to clearly identify a client’s metaphor you more quickly facilitate resolving client issues.  If you love getting great results for your clients, you’ve got to get Susan’s new book.  You’ll be glad you did!

Dr. Janice Smylie
A Brighter Choice, Inc.

By instant download, get your copy of A Crash Course in Creating Hypnotic Scripting Metaphors for Client Transformation.  Start learning the keys to revealing metaphors in as fast as ten hours.  Order today! For practitioners only.

Ebook Only $29.95

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Brainview: What Does Your Brain Think Of You?

Do you know somebody who makes you crazy with their complaining?!

What about control freaks? Know any of those? Could you be the control freak that makes you go into orbit?

Maybe there’s a creative genius in your life that tells such outrageous stories you don’t know what to believe when they talk with you?

Or, perhaps you want to know how to deal with a very touchy-feely person you think is out of touch with reality.

Did you know that your brain contains the equivalent of 4 living computer software application programs? It’s true. And what’s more understanding how to speak these 4 languages skyrockets your success in all kinds of relationships.

Imagine knowing how to help your clients understand the viewpoints of people from their past that made your clients cringe. This knowledge becomes priceless in resolving conflicts with loved ones.

Do you really understand who you are? Do you know your life’s purpose? Would you like to know how to get people to stop rubbing you the wrong way?

Brainview: What Does Your Brain Think of You? helps you understand you, your clients and the people that really frustrate you. It gives you magic sentences to say so people ‘get you’ and so you ‘get them’ once and for all.

If you like being prepared for all types of clients but don’t know how to get inside their head, this book is for you. At only $29.95 you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. Get your copy instantly now!

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Calm, Confident Communicating

Calm, Confident Communicating

You have an important story to tell.  But, your public speaking terrorizes you.  If you could get rid of that darned public speaking fear you could start living your dreams.

Imagine standing before an audience and becoming a beloved and well-known public figure changing the world for good.  Picture yourself going to your bank and having tons of money for anything you need during life.  Become a role model for your friends, family, co-workers by shedding your public speaking fear now.  You can do it by discovering and using the hypnosis secrets inCalm, Confident Communicating written by internationally known hypnotist Susan Fox.

You have one chance at living life.  How are YOU going to live it?  In fear or in love?  Transform your public speaking fear into something as gentle as a lamb. It’s your time to live your dreams.  Calm, Confident Communicating is the key to getting you your dream!  At only $29.95 USD, this book can change your life.
Ebook By Susan Fox

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Chicken Soup Can Wait - Audio Version

Chicken Soup Can Wait – Audio Version

The French Philosopher, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, created the famous quote, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”  In keeping with this idea, when people start to cross over, they … Read More

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Chicken Soup Can Wait - Ebook Version

Chicken Soup Can Wait – Ebook Version

The French Philosopher, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, created the famous quote, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”  In keeping with this idea, when people start to cross over, they … Read More

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Gender Brain Science™

Gender Brain Science™

  • Gender Brain Chemistry knowledge is as powerful as neurolinguistic programming (NLP)
  • Self-limiting habits disappear when a client releases the deep emotional drivers that cause those sabotaging habits and/or handle the brain chemistry
  • The brain chemistry knowledge puts you way above your competition because you will understand the driving force behind why the clients do what they do, say what they say, think what they think, feel what they feel or anything they do. We are driven by our hormones and neurotransmitters.
  • This methodical, mind-blowing workshop shows you what drives a man or woman to think and act the way they do
  • Discover the unbelievable behavior impact of two neurotransmitters on men and women’s emotions, thoughts and actions
  • Discover how to easily eliminate client’s negative thought patterns
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Hypnotic Script Editing Secrets the Masters Use

It’s in the middle of the night or, you’re in another time zone and Susan Fox is sleeping. How can you get inside her head so you can masterfully edit your scripts using her years of experience? You use the companion book she wrote to Hypnotic Script-Writing Secrets and Other Hypnosis Tips The Masters Use called Hypnotic Script-Editing Secrets The Masters Use.

Hypnotic Script-Editing Secrets The Masters Use is jam-packed with editing ideas to supercharge your script and make it fantastic. Not only does she give you twenty-four great editing ideas for your scripts she takes you through an editing session with one of her best scripts that’s a hot seller. The script she used to show you how to edit scripts was a program she turned into Sleep While Someone Else Snores. This program was eventually endorsed by world famous John Gray of Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus fame.

Additionally, this book contains page after page of words a very bright eight year old would use.  Susan sat down for hours with an elementary school teacher and created the list.  As you know, this is the age level where your client's inner child mind needs support to experience exceptional core transformation. How can you possibly be without this book? The answer is, you have to have it!   And at only $32.95 this book is unlike anything instantly available anywhere else.

Get your copy right now by instant download. You’ll be really glad you’ve got it for your professional hypnotic script-editing and script-writing library! For practitioners only.

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Hypnotic Script Writing Secrets And Other Hypnosis Tips The Masters Use

Hypnotic Script Writing Secrets And Other Hypnosis Tips The Masters Use

You are a new or seasoned consulting hypnotist or hypnotherapist. You want to suggest dynamite hypnotic suggestions in your own scripts. But it would really be nice to have the benefit of an “old timer” as you write out your scripts. Enter Hypnotic Script-Writing Secrets and Other Hypnosis Tips The Masters Use.

Susan Fox started writing hypnosis scripts in 1988. After writing 33 professional hypnosis application programs and books, she decided to include some of her best hypnosis script-writing secrets in this book.

Formal hypnosis scripts come in three parts. Do you know what those three parts are called?

Do you know what a bind and double bind are? Do you know the disadvantages of using homophones and homonyms in hypnosis scripts? Did you know how symbols can improve your script? Want to find the answer to these and other burning questions about formally writing hypnosis scripts that help clients experience exceptional transformations? If so you want to get this amazing script-writing book.

This book, the same one sold by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) helps you tremendously improve your hypnotic script-writing. Susan Fox, internationally known hypnotic script-writing expert shares her incredible secrets for effective script-writing in this book. If you’ve read her column in the NGH professional journal, you already know she focuses on the meat of the matter in her books. At only $32.95 USD this book is a steal. Get your copy instantly and dive into this download today as you discover how to write scripts that really pop! For practitioners only.

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Pain, Stress and Tension Comfort

Pain, Stress and Tension Comfort – Hypnotic Scripts for Professional Hypnotists

Naturally Create Pain, Stress and Tension Comfort Using Mind Power

You know what’s unacceptably hard?  Relentlessly suffering in pain.  Your body feels trapped in misery. You’re worn beyond words.  Every movement is an effort!  At night you may only sleep in spurts even though you’re exhausted.  Not only does your body hurt constantly, your painkillers only work some of the time!

The exorbitant monthly prescription bill torments your wallet adding insult to injury. How does regularly renewing your prescription provide a long-lasting, realistic pain solution?  This answer is, IT DOESN’T!  You know what DOES effectively help clients naturally eliminate or reduce pain?  Mind power!

The hypnotic scripts written in Pain, Stress and Tension Comfort provide compelling suggestions that release pain’s grip from your client’s mind and body.  As their beloved hypnotist, you use the scripts and your hypnotically soothing voice to compassionately guide clients to gentle relief.  You’ll secretly love the feeling of knowing your expertise brought life and freedom back into their bodies.  Give your clients the relief they’ve been longing to find in Pain, Stress and Tension Comfort.

These are the titles and techniques you’ll find in this book’s ten scripts:

·        Accepting Comfort and Relief – Ideomotor Response Technique

·        All Together Now– Different Hats Technique

·        Allowing Your Life to Be Good– Anchoring Technique

·        Allowing Yourself to Be Physically Comfortable – Inner Wisdom Technique

·        Asking For and Receiving Help – Inner Wisdom Technique

·        Pain Relief Can Come Instantly Or Over Time – Color Modality Technique

·        Comfort and Pain Relief On Your Own Terms – Sliding Scale Technique

·        Releasing Negativity – Inner Wisdom Technique

·        Unlocking Pain and Tension – Lock and Key Technique

·        Unraveling Pain, Tension and Stress – Yarn Ball Technique (Metaphysical)

Contains a bonus section of positive affirmations custom created for each of the 10 scripts in this fantastic book.  Improve your skill for natural pain, stress and tension relief learning each of the individual techniques in the scripts.  You have GOT to have this book of scripts!  A steal at the price!

Susan Fox is one of the profession’s top script writers. She has delivered once again with Pain, Stress and Tension Comfort Techniques.  Chock full of manifesting techniques and resources for delivering relief from feelings associated with pain and stress, this book is a good investment for any hypnosis professional.
– Constance Grant, Consulting Hypnotist, Canada

Susan’s wealth of knowledge and professional experience gives her the ability to craft gentle, simple yet powerful scripts that will appeal to both the newly qualified and the more experienced hypnotherapist.    Leslie Bonnick, Hypnotherapist, UK

Ebook now only $32.95

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Snoozing With A Snorer audio program

Snoozing With A Snorer Sleep Training Program

Snoozing With A Snorer Sleep In The Same Room Again with Your Snorer Improve Your Relationship with Your Snoring Loved One Get The Above Three Benefits And MORE with This 15 Minute Self-Hypnosis Program Once upon a time, in a … Read More

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Sixty second stress relief training program

The 60 Second Stress Reduction Technique

One afternoon, I stepped onto a 40-passenger shuttle flight back to Ohio after attending the annual National Guild Of Hypnotist’s convention. After boarding the plane, I stepped into the back and handed my business card to the flight attendant while … Read More

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The Coma Whisperer

The Coma Whisperer

You will love this story. You literally will not want The Coma Whisperer to end. An edge-of-your-seat true story. Reveals how hypnosis brought eight-year-old drowned then revived, comatose victim back to conscious awareness. Based on actual events, within 48 hours of using hypnosis, Jonathan could once again communicate with caregivers and his family. Proof positive guided imagery and positive suggestion (complementary alternative medicine) methods can work, even with some people in a vegetative state. Spiritual! Real! Believable! A must have book for TBI caregivers.

Moving and inspiring, this well-written, awesome drama reveals a process of how to connect. Imagine becoming a caregiver who knows how to effectively speak to someone in a consciously-challenged state. The Coma Whisperer gives you a glimpse into the power of words for bringing unconditional love and peace to a comatose/vegetative state loved one.

This is an amazing and courageous account of how caregivers can uniquely improve quality of life.

Overwhelmingly positive in nature, the extraordinary story of The Coma Whisperer may forever change the way you see your world.  Here spirituality emerges through a mix of science and actual life experience.  Find uplifting connections and awaken the spirit within while exploring life’s possibilities…

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